– the great eCommerce giant that owns the world’s largest product search engine…

There are more people searching for products to buy on Amazon than on Google and, what’s more – they have a whopping 65% share in the eBook market (as estimated by Forbes).

Hence, understanding the inner workings of this powerful search engine will give you an edge and greatly increase your chances of success. You will know exactly which key elements to focus on to improve your rankings, increase exposure and sales.

Amazon’s Search Engine – An Overview

As you may already know, search engines like Google, Youtube, and Amazon use algorithms to make sense of a vast amount of information, whether that’s sporting websites (Google), videos (Youtube) or products (Amazon).

For Amazon specifically, the purpose of the search engine is to let the customer find exactly the product she is looking for (i.e. the most relevant and highest quality product). By doing this, Amazon maximizes the possibility of a sale. With ‘high quality’ in this context, I also mean ‘well performing’ – with a high conversion and high customer satisfaction rate.

The better the algorithm is at doing this, the higher the chance of a sale, the happier everyone is. All the metrics that are tracked (and Amazon is notorious for tracking EVERYTHING, right down to where your mouse hovers!) and used to achieve the aforementioned goals.

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