Blocked Drain– A Nightmare of Most Households

It just doesn’t happen suddenly. Every additional item that you are dumping in your drains is a potential threat to your drainage system. That leftover food, grease, fallen hair, napkins, diapers and all debris that your drainage pipe can’t get rid of so easily will keep piling up inside and eventually creating a major clog that will prevent the drains from functioning efficiently.

Some of the simplest signs of blocked drains are slower running drains, awful smells and unusual noise coming out of drains. If blockage is huge, your drains will stop functioning totally and you will find backup water or localized flooding within your household. In such scenario, it is strongly recommended to call in a reliable blocked drain specialist immediately. 

Fight Off Blocked Drains Before They Happen

There are some wonderful and time-tested tips that can help you keep your drains blockage-free always and save you so many efforts, inconvenience and huge repair bills. The key to avoiding clogged drains is to maintain your drains right. Keep your eyes out on the early signs of blocked drains so you can deal with the blockage before it happens. Wondering what are these warning signs for blocked drains? Keep reading.

Slow draining: Unfortunately most households don’t pay attention to slow drainage until the drains stars troubling. If you find that water is running slower than earlier in your sink, shower or toilet drain, chances are there is a blockage in the drainage which needs to be identified and fixed before it makes the problem worse.

Awful smell: If your drains smell real bad since last few days and the nasty odour isn’t leaving your house after frequent efforts of cleaning your drains with DIY drain cleaners like baking soda, vinegar, detergent powder and hot water, don’t delay any further calling out a blocked drain specialist. Accumulation of debris inside the drainage pipe turns into a breeding playground of bacteria and mildew, which is responsible for that awful odour coming out of your drains. The longer you wait for unblocking drainage, the riskier these drains can be for the wellbeing of you and other family members.

Corroded drainage pipes and fixtures: Metal drainage pipes are likely to get corroded over time, as they constantly remain in contact with water and its minerals. If you notice rusty areas of drainage pipe or fixtures, it is wise to replace them with new pipes before they cause blocked drains and put you in any sort of drainage emergency.

Partner With Drainage Specialist And Prevent Blocked Drain Emergencies

Unlike earlier years, it has been pretty easier to search for a reliable and reputable drainage company in your area. All you need is just an internet enabled device. You can visit the websites of drainage services providers in your area and learn about their experience, skills, the locations they serve, etc. What’s more, you can shortlist a few drainage companies and request a price quote online.

Drainage unblocking specialists are trained, skilled and experienced in clearing any stubborn and severe blockage in the most effective manner. They are armed with latest equipment and tools that enable them clear the blockage with minimal disruption at the job site. Good drainage companies not only unblock clogged drains but they educate the households on how to maintain their drains right to avoid blocked drains in near future.