Travel planning for your Iceland holiday

As soon as you have planned or planned your Iceland trip, we recommend you to read our travel information so that you can find just the right thing for you and your fellow travelers. Iceland is easy to tour, offers unmatched travel experiences and discoveries at any time of the year, offering active travelers and those seeking peace all the possibilities.

The best time to travel

Tour Iceland recommend summer months from the beginning of June to the end of August for the best travel time for Icelandic beginners, tourists, families, and lovers of puffins, whales and midnight suns. Experts, adventurers, romantics and those who are looking for something special and unique Northern Lights, the off-season and winter. More accurate and more information on the best travel time and temperatures can be found here.

Travel time/duration in Iceland

Well, for a city trip to Reykjavik 3-4 days can be sufficient, even if one 1-3 trips. Although you can drive around the island in 8 days and discover some sights (without the Westfjords), however, starts the more comfortable variant from 11 days. The Ringstrasse, which takes you around the island, has a good 1,500 kilometers, with an average of between 2200 and 2500 kilometers. Ideal is when you have 2-3 weeks’ time. From 3 weeks stay the Westfjords can also be accepted. In addition to the numerous round trip variations, Icelandic trips with a focus on the highlands or the Westfjords are also very popular during the summer months, which can be sufficient for a journey time of 6-9 days.

When should we book our Iceland trip?

If you want to travel to Iceland during the summer months, we advise you to make an early booking! There are only a few accommodations / hotels on Iceland outside Reykjavik and the accommodations are almost already booked in May. If possible, we recommend that you book the trip as early as October, November, especially if you wish to have a special accommodation, rent a camper or travel with several people.

Which organizers are the best, cheapest or should we book individually?

If you are very lucky, you actually get to Iceland tour that gives you a tour through Iceland. Otherwise, we recommend the booking via an Iceland Specialist, as they are familiar with all the elements of a successful Iceland trip. Also recommended for all Iceland travelers, who feel fit in English, is the direct booking with a travel agent directly in Iceland.

These are for the most part absolutely serious. This gives you the advantage that you should any problems on site should show up directly on Iceland a contact person who. The large tour operators in India, Austria and Switzerland usually “buy” trips with special organizers. The individual booking of all the individual elements is quite possible and most recommendable with a short stop-over to Iceland or longer stay only in one place. Otherwise, the organization can be quite complex and lack of security. The question of what is more favorable cannot be answered on a general basis.