Customer experience is a decisive factor for making or breaking your business. Hence, it is imperative that you bring the ‘wow’ factor in the experience you’re providing to your consumers. The three important stages where you can engage and amaze them are marketing (before purchase), during purchase and customer service (before/during/after purchase). Therefore, strategize and optimize this consumer buying cycle. The more memorable you make it, the more positive experience it will provide to your customers. Here are a few pointers on how to offer a more holistic experience:

Think All Aspects of Customer Journey

To offer the best experience to your clients, ensure that you provide them with an extraordinary customer journey. For this, you need to streamline every step of the process while making it memorable with small gestures of human connection. For instance, whenever your consumers are browsing through your products/services, present them in a manner that highlights how these are the best solutions for the problems they’re facing. Make the entire procedure interactive instead of making it conventionally transaction-like. The more you engage them, the more they’ll talk to you. Treat every customer uniquely. If your customer journey is automated, add human elements such as addressing them with their name, greeting them and thanking them once the purchase has been made.

Focus on Touch Points and Enhance Them

When providing exceptional experience to consumers, you have to keep in mind every touch point. This includes the first time your customers become aware of your business to the last point where they’ve taken home your product/service. Optimize these touch points and convert them into experiential points. For this, it is necessary that you know who your target audience is as it will be beneficial in catering perfectly to their expectations, needs and sentiments. Map out every touch point and enhance the experience around it. For instance, you can engage your consumers in a more immersive experience through your advertising and marketing campaigns. The touch points that follow into the buying, purchase and delivering processes can be improved by sphering these with emotions. The latter touch points such as follow-ups, thank-you emails and such can be integrated with gratitude and excellent customer service.

Employ the SoLoMo Approach

Social+Local+Mobile (SoLoMo) is a relatively recent marketing term which means that you need to form all your business strategies considering your social platforms, retail stores and mobile apps. Taking the SoLoMo approach creates a more holistic experience for your customers. Since the continuing peak in the number of mobile internet users and Millennials being the biggest share of overall consumers; a SoLoMo approach is inevitable. Strategize your social platforms to speak directly to your consumers, create content that is shareable to make their online experience more engaging. Similarly, at your retail stores, invest in decoratively artistic elements and interactive visual and auditory experiences to captivate their curiosity and imagination. You may also amaze them by creating your in-store experience interactional. For mobile, depending on your business/industry, provide a mobile app for better communication and convenience. Optimize your website by making it mobile-friendly and responsive. Live chat software for websites is also one of the ways you can offer better experience to your online customers.

Engage and Delight Your Customers

No matter where or on which platform your customer interacts with your business, it is crucial that you engage them thoroughly and amaze them every time. The best and most effective way to achieve this result is to cater to their sentiments as anything that speaks directly to human emotions makes for a memorable experience and a lasting impression. There are numerous examples where businesses touched emotions through amazing campaigns and advertising. Praise your loyal customers on social, get feedback from them through live chat service, offer limited discounts and provide resourceful information related to your business/industry. Excel at customer service as any business that invests in a competent, proficient and exemplary support department is able to harness customer satisfaction, success and happiness.