Do you have a limited budget? Do you want to stylishly equip a rented apartment for a little money? In this article we offer some effective ways to help you do this.

For example, with the help of apartments rental in Tigard, OR you have found a good place for living and now you want to make it to look cozy and transform an ordinary living room into a comfortable place without any extra expenses. It’s possible to do it by adding some elements of decor.

The simplest and proven way to change the way your apartment looks is adding some textiles. Such an idea will not cost an arm and a leg. It is easy to create an individual modern style in your room with the help of curtains, bedspreads, blankets, rugs, chair covers. Moreover, in case you will have to move out the apartment, you can always take all these things with you.

Perhaps you should not save on good bed linens. As a rule, people don’t have time to make their beds in the morning. A beautiful bed set is a great alternative to the bed cover because it will always look beautiful.

A good way to make your apartment look really good is to add additional light sources. It is better that the lamps and floor lamps are on the clamps. With their help it’s easier to create light solutions. If you hang your special lamp, the room will become friendlier and more beautiful. Luckily, there is a huge variety of lamps to choose from, so you won’t have any problems picking up some which will suit your interior.

Another good solution is decorating your interior with cushions. Even if these cushions are not very expensive, their presence on your couch or sofas will make your room look really cozy and they will definitely complement to the interior. Use your imagination – buy cushions of different shapes and colors, the brighter, the better. Puffs are also wonderful additional source of comfort. They are easy to move and can create cozy environment.

Do not throw away glass jars. They can easily be adapted as convenient containers for storing products. They are functional and look beautiful. If you put them on the open shelf, it will be the fastest and inexpensive way to decorate a room. Glass containers are useful if there are no special flower vases. In winter, instead of flowers, you can use dry twigs as decor. Your guests will appreciate this solution.

The proven way to quickly make the room look cozy is adding photographs, paintings and posters. It is especially important to use them when the wall is empty or is not attractive enough.

A large poster or picture will bring positive energy to the room and it will acquire a fashionable look.

You can also hang your favorite poster. Use stickers so that it will be easy to remove it later without leaving traces.

Choose bright pillowcases on cushions to match the main colors of the poster, by the way, you can make them yourself. All this will add coziness to your apartment. Also, you can replace the old curtains with those that match the color of the new decor.

Slate board is the perfect item for decorating a rented apartment. You can put it anywhere – on the wall, the fridge, on the table. Even the old unattractive interior door is easy to “reanimate” with the help of a slate board.

In addition, it is convenient to leave messages to each other, if you live in two or three. Of course, apartments rental in Beaverton can help you find a nice apartment which will not require redecorating, but everyone wants their room to look unique and special. Hopefully our recommendations will help you create this atmosphere

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