Image source: Shabby to Chic Designs

Believe it or not, there is no such thing as dead wood. Ugly furniture is the fertile ground for something creative, something beautiful. How about easy and fun painting and distressing your old upholstery pieces this weekend? Sounds interesting? Get all geared up; after all, shabby chic furniture’s possibilities are endless!

Here is how you can shabby chic your furniture and other wooden objects and achieve a ‘phenomenal look’.

DIY for Shabby Chic

1. Prep the Surface

Chosen a piece of furniture to be renewed unbelievably? Let’s put first things first – do away with any handles, hinges or metalwork. Now, it’s time to prep the surfaces to be painted, using fine grade sandpapers. Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area. Next, remove dust with a damp cloth and leave it to dry.

2.  Apply Your Paint Coats

If you are looking for a two-colour distressed finish, all you need to do is put a fresh coat of the first paint on your selected piece and allow it to dry. Move forward to applying wax and then apply the second coat (different colour). The top coat will scuff in areas to give a ‘natural’ wear and tear look.

3. Apply Wax

To seal and protect the paint, this step is important. Only when the paint is dry, you are permitted to apply a coat of soft clear wax. This can be done using a soft, lint-free cloth.

4. Distress the Surface

It all boils down to this step. The extremely desirable aged or distressed look is no far now! Just pick your sandpaper & lightly rub away the paint on the raised areas, edges, around drawers, handles & the top of detailing until you achieve the desired look. You should know that there are sundry paths and degrees of “ageing” that you can do. The trick is to leave your natural pattern instincts for this job and create a random effect.

Tip: Screwdriver, nails, or a chain can be employed to make gouges on the surface. Stop immediately whenever you’re happy with the piece.

5. Seal the Deal & Buff

The last and most satiating step is here! It’s time to apply more clear wax to the painted & distressed furniture piece and allow it to dry, ideally overnight to get a good seal. Get your hands on a lint-free cloth to deliver a lovely lustre and protect the surface and be dazzled.

Innovative Shabby Chic Ideas

Today, décor is more about personality and less about status. Go ahead craft a whole shabby chic bedroom, with identical or complementary paint jobs on your bed, wardrobe, chairs, mirrors, dressing tables, dining tables, bookshelves or even wooden doors. Worn, shabby chic décor has become the contemporary style.

Shabby Chic Colour Guide

To make an immense, lively impact, go for bold, cheerful Mediterranean and Mexican colours. You may also stick to cool, subtle shades, for instance, a range of different blues, creams, lilacs or greens.

We hope that by now there is a lot that is firing your imagination. Unleash your creativity! Let those lifeless furniture pieces transform miraculously to give your space an oomph factor once again.