We are living in a Startup Era, time of bull market, where companies are fiercely competing each other. In this time the proverb Employees are company’s most valuable asset is much more emphasized than usual. One of the main reasons for this is a huge lack of talents in many top industries. That is why the old recession trend where employees need to fight for their place under the company’s umbrella is replaced by the new reality, where companies provide employees with innovative sets of benefits.

First day of work is a critical time for retaining top talents. That’s why companies need to figure out the first day work routine that will help them to emphasize the best sides of their collective. In this article we are going to list some of the ways companies can use for retaining top talents and making them feel welcome in the new work environment.

Make the introduction more personal

Some companies welcome new employees only on Fridays. Their teams are very busy during other work days, so Friday is the day when everyone feels relaxed and has enough time to chat with new employee. This is the example of a proactive welcoming strategy, and you can use many other ways to engage a positive conversation between employees and a new member of the team. When introducing new hires you can present team members in more personal way, by including information about their hobbies, pets or favorite travel destinations. This way the new hire will fit in more easily, because he/she won’t need to remember whole bunch of names and titles.

First introduce them to employees in HR department

Most new hires know at least one person from HR, which they met during a recruiting process. You should use this fact, and ask a recruiter to introduce the new employee to the rest of the team. Since professionals in Human Resources department closely work with all company employees, and sometimes have a psychology degree, they are the people that should introduce new hires to the the work process and present them the rules of the game. New hires usually like to know a thing or two about their future salary and criteria for their work evaluation, so if you are running some piece of HR software like Allay, explain its basics to the new employee.

Organize team building

After a period of extensive hiring, employers should always organize team building event or activity in order to help new employees to blend in. These activities should initiate constructive conversation between team members and will help them to bond and rely on each other in the future.

Introduce a buddy system

This is the old and very effective way to help new employees to fit in into the new team. You need to assign one person to spend a whole work day with a new employee. They should walk around all departments, go for lunch together and spend some casual time. New hire’s buddy should also serve as a mentor and should offer support and guidance throughout the whole fitting in process.