Once the studies are finished, it is not easy to make new friends. Here are some tips to expand your friendly circle.

When you’re a child, there’s nothing easier than making new friends. Just go talk to another child and ask her, “Would you like to be my girlfriend/boyfriend?” And boom, finished, one catches by the hand and one runs towards the swings, ready to conquer the world. When you’re a student, it’s hardly harder: we see each other every day, we share the same galleys, we look for comrades of break and coffee break, and we sometimes manage to create lasting friendships.

But when you’re an adult, how do you make new friends? We cannot go to the bars and ask them if we can be buddies (or with the help of a dollop of alcohol in our blood, and not sure we remember them). Tomorrow), then what?

Here are the different solutions proposed above:

1. Get out of the office

While connections can be made in the workplace, they are generally fairly limited, less personal and confidential, and are not sufficient to meet all of their social needs. It is not always the most favorable environment for new friendships and, on the contrary, we can develop negative relationships, especially in open space.

2. Take your habits in a public place

Choose a bar, a restaurant, a club, in short, a public spot in which you come back regularly and where you often meet the same faces. You will be more likely to meet people who share your interests and who see you as a familiar face. You will be able to create links that will be tightened with each new visit and thus create lasting friendships.

3. Get out and do activities that you like

Alternatively, do you find a new outdoor hobby – yoga, climbing, aerobics, You’ll find the same faces every time, with some newcomers and a few departures from time to time, A passion will allow you to create links more easily.

4. Show people they are important

We like to feel wanted and necessary in someone’s life. So make the effort to show your interest to your friends and do not hesitate to solicit their help, so they will have the impression of making a difference and having a real importance in your life – a good way to tighten your ties and move from “buddies” to “friends” quickly.

5. Go out with your colleagues

Forget about the canteen and the sandwich break in front of the computer and offer your colleagues to go out for lunch, either at lunch or in the evening. Once you leave the professional environment that drives people to activate their inner barriers, you will be able to tackle deeper, more personal issues, and change your relationships with your colleagues to make friends.

6. Make confidences

By opening yourself up a little and showing yourself vulnerable by entrusting you on personal matters with people you usually speak to, rain and fine weather will also allow you to evolve your relationships. By trusting you, you will put them in trust and you will allow them to do the same to elevate your relationship to the next level.

7. Share memorable experiences

Get out of your comfort zone in the company of other people with whom you have not yet shared anything crazy to create a common crazy experience that will unite you for a long time. Parachute jumping or sporting challenges like Mud Day or Spartan Race are good solutions – but it’s up to you to find the one that suits you, without forgetting to make a little effort of courage.

8. Renew old knowledge

Wake up the dormant bonds that united you at one time to other people – former classmates or colleagues, for example. If nothing negative has separated you and your loss of contact is only due to the vagaries of life, chances are that you still have plenty of things to tell you and share – What to catch up lost time. And who knows, maybe it will open doors you do not know yet exist.

With all this, you should no longer have as much trouble creating new friendships as an adult. But do not forget the main key, especially if you have a tendency to shyness or confinement: get out of your comfort zone and focus on new experiences, even if you are scared at first. The game is worth the candle.