Survey sites have really caught on well in India with countless websites advertising the chance to Get Paid to Watch Videos but the bitter truth is that not all of them are genuine and you do not want to waste time with a useless website. Here are some pointers that will help you locate genuine Online Survey Companies in India.

What are online survey agencies?

These are companies that do research by conducting surveys and collecting information. Back in the days Online Survey Companies in India would conduct interviews on the telephone but ever since the internet booms these companies now use online surveys to gather information.

The truth about online survey companies

Since recession has hit the global economy, companies in India have also downsized their staff and this means people without jobs are out looking for an alternative ways to earn money. This is where survey companies came to the rescue, so now people can stay at their home and earn a living.

Do people make money with these surveys?

Yes if the website is genuine people do get paid decent money, but do not expect to become a multimillionaire by taking surveys. You can start off by registering with the website you may have to pay a nominal fee. After you are registered with an online company you will have access to the different surveys. Sometimes you may have to use a certain product and write a review on the product, for this you may get paid in cash or prize. The feedback you provide will be used as a platform to conduct an advanced survey. This data is then forwarded to the manufacturing company so that they can use them to improve their services.

How does it work?

Receiving payments from surveys will depend on the number of surveys that you have taken; the website will pay you after you have accumulated a few points by taking more than one survey. Typically short surveys do not pay good money so try to take long surveys. Most websites are free but there are certain websites that ask you for a fee, only to not send you any surveys so you need to be very careful and be selective about choosing an online survey company.

Taking the time to select a reliable company

You have to be extremely careful about the company that you select. Do not fall for an advertisement that says Get Paid to Watch Video as these websites may be frauds. You will also come across websites that may mislead you and collect your personal information and give it to some other company. So take the time to select a reputed online survey company to get paid. You can do research over the internet to shortlist a few companies; read reviews by people and then you can decide which company to sign up with. Select a company that does not charge unreasonable amount of money for signing up and moreover a company that does not collect too much of your personal information.

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