How to Make DIY Mushrooms for Your Garden

The tranquil lighted paths, flowers and hidden benches of a garden are balm for the spirit. Add to that sublime feeling with some DIY mushrooms. These add a touch of whimsy and are fun to make. Gather your kids and create your own unique mushrooms or take the ideas below and run with them.

Use Handy Items

You don’t have to run out to the store to find materials for your project. Just look in your home, your garage or even your recycling bin. Rocks, flower pots, vases – let your imagination run wild as you gather up your items. The more varied the items, the more your garden will stand out.

Glass Mushrooms

Glass mushrooms are sparkling sun-catchers for your garden. Take a bud vase, a clear glass bowl (the cut patterns are especially pretty) and some good glue to make your mushroom. Apply the glue to the rim of the vase. Invert the bowl and press it down for a secure seal. Let it dry. That’s all there is to it, yet it makes a stunning conversation piece.

Flower Pots

Terra cotta flower pots are great for garden mushrooms. Turn your flower pot upside down and paint it as the base of the mushroom. Don’t limit yourself! Do whatever colors you like. Then paint the plate as the top of the mushroom. Let both pieces dry. Glue the plate upside down on the inverted pot and let it dry.

Recycled Items

Dig in your recycling bin for jars and old glass light covers. Your jar is the base of the mushroom. Add glue to the rim and place your glass cover upside-down on the rim. These mushrooms are especially lovely when placed in groupings with different sized jars and globes.

Child-friendly items like plastic eggs, wood, and pie pans are perfect for a DIY mushroom day with your children. Let them paint or glue, collect rocks, or place the mushrooms in a special garden spot.

Of course you can always use wooden stumps and painted pie pans, baby food jars and plastic plates and whatever you have. Set your mushrooms in groupings along sun-dappled pathways. You can also set a solitaire mushroom beside a garden bench. Add them to a fairy garden. Sprinkle a few small ones around the entrance to an elf door in your trees. Have fun with it.

Source: 92101 Urban Living