Shoulder pain is one of the most common dorsal spine diseases that causes many difficulties in living and working. It not only makes the patient feel tired, uncomfortable but also is a signal of many dangerous bone diseases such as cervical degenerative disc disease, herniated disc,…

The shoulder pain is a common symptom of office workers or those who regularly work with fixed sedentary postures such as computer programmers, accountants, architects … Normally, patients will use depressant to relieve the pain quickly. However, it is not easy to stop the pain. Many patients go to visit the doctor after taking medications for months because of oedema, erosive gastritis. Therefore, to get the effective treatment, patients need be diagnosed with the correct cause and received the correct treatment.

What causes the shoulder pain?

Mechanical causes:

Acting with wrong postures such as sleeping on a high pillow, leaning against a chair, lying on his back and being curled up …. will affect the supply of oxygen to the muscle cells. When the muscles are not provided with enough blood, the neck, shoulders and the nape of the neck are easily painful and inflexible.

Sitting in front of the fan, air conditioning in a long time; Nighttime bathing habits will confuse the nervous system regulating the supply of nutrients to the bundles of muscle in shoulders.

Excessive work or posture make the muscle to stretch too long, causing microscopic imbalances in the muscle.

Neurological dysfunction: Extremely stretched or over-stretching nerves may cause the neurological dysfunction in the area. This is also a common cause of the shoulder pain.

Osteoarthritis: The shoulder pain is a result of osteoarthritis such as cervical degenerative disc disease, disc herniation,… The patient can lose their functions of action over time without the correct treatment.

How to recognise symptoms of the shoulder pain

  • Pain usually appears after waking up, or after doing heavy work.
  • The pain level will increase as the patient walks, sits in a long time, coughs, sneezes, moving neck.The neck pain can spread to shoulders, arm (one or both sides) making the shoulder and hands numb, heavy, hard to move. In additions, patients will be dizzy, tinnitus

Some home remedies for shoulder pain

If you only have the mild and short pain, you can treat yourself by using your arms to massage shoulder, neck and the nape of the neck, which can help you to relieve shoulder pain quickly.

  • Sitting or standing properly is a way to cure the shoulder pain. Should not sleep on a high pillow compared to the physiological curvature of the bones at the nape of the neck. The most suitable pillow is only 10cm high and soft. Avoid watching TV with only a sitting posture. You should lean against the cushion seat, slightly back head 30 degrees from the seat.
  • Changing posture when working to prevent shoulder pain: Should not sit too long in a posture, in a place, especially in front of the computer screen. On average, every 30 minutes, we should change our posture once and apply movements for the shoulders, neck, and hands, such as turning the arm, turning the shoulder and neck gently. When working, studying you should keep the true posture: neck must always straight, avoid bending too long.

Some exercises at home for shoulder pain people

Exercise 1: Straighten your arms, grasp your hands and raise slowly (as high as you can) and then take down slowly. While leaning forward, creating an angle of 90 degrees with the lower half of the body.

Exercise 2: Swing your hands and bend your back. The upper half of the body bends forward making with the lower half of the body an angle of 90 degrees; The healed hand puts in the chair, the pain hand slowly do the following actions: Turn left clockwise, put your hands front, behind, right, left.

Exercise 3: The patient stands to face the wall, the pain arm straightens, hand puts against the wall and take down slowly 5 times. Change the posture, lean and do the same.

You should do these three exercises one to two times a day according to endurance.

Some traditional remedies:

  • Use seeds of baby jackfruit steeped in wine from 5 to 7 days to massage.
  • Use wormwood dried with salt to massage.
  • Use orange, alum and onion:
  • Take an orange
  • Cut off the head of the orange
  • Give a little of alum and 1 dry onion into inside the orange
  • Grill the orange with alum and onion inside
  • After grilling, cut and cover the pain area (take care to avoid burning)
  • Just take about 5-10 minutes, you will feel your pain greatly reduced.
  • Above is some information about the shoulder pain and home remedies.