Dry mouth is the status of the patient does not have enough saliva in the mouth. Depending on the severity of the dry mouth, there are many symptoms such as dysphagia, and even difficulty in eating.

So, how to get rid of dry mouth?

You should change the diet:

1. Drink plenty of water

This is the top solution to help you limit dry mouth. Drink full of water also makes the body healthy, fresh young skin full of vitality.

Make sure your body is full with 2 liters of water per day, it equivalents to 8 glasses of water. To replace water, you can also substitute with drinks such as sauces, soups. It both help you cure dry mouth and limit dysphagia.

2. Eat foods that stimulate salivary glands

Foods that increase secretion of saliva can also be used, including some lemon slices, sour candies, or sour foods like tamarind, mango.

Sour taste in these foods will enhance the taste of saliva, create moisture in the oral cavity and help to overcome dry mouth very well.

3. Chew gum or hard candy

This is also an effective way to stimulate the oral cavity to produce saliva. However, you should note that not chewing gum all day because the sugar contained in the tooth decay.

Do not choose hard candy with sugar chemistry, but take a Korean red ginseng candy. Surely only a few dozen seconds later, you will feel relaxed, less dry mouth and mental refreshment. By extracting from the essence of Korean Red Ginseng 6 years old, Korea Red Ginseng Candy KGS has demonstrated the ability to improve health, strengthen the immune system, prevent stress and restore vitality for the user.

4. Avoid alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages are leading dry mouth. Except for alcohol, caffeine drinks, tobacco, too salty diet also lead to the oral cavity into dry.

Foods rich in oily foods, fast foods, and canned foods are also on the list that people with dry mouth should limit their use.

Besides, you change daily habits:

1. Choosing the right toothpaste.

Keep away toothpaste containing SLS components (sodium lauryl sulfate), which are commonly used in forming in hand soaps, soaps, shampoos, detergents, and toothpaste. SLS is causal of dehydration in the oral cavity. Consequently, naturally, toothpaste are a wise choice for everyone, including people with dry mouth.

2. Limit mouthwash containing alcohol

You usually have the habit of rinsing your mouth with daily solutions. Do not think they have the ability to clean the inside of your teeth that abuse.

In the mouthwashes you usually use daily with large amounts of alcohol or peroxide, these two can dry the mouth.

Therefore, not only people with dry mouth but also normal people do not use mouthwash with these two components. Instead, use xylitol mouthwash. This is a sweetener derived from nature, it is not harmful to the teeth and decrease the dry mouth.

3. Use of artificial saliva drugs

If you try the above methods and your mouth is dry, do not worry, try one of the methods below or combine it with a variety of methods.

Nowadays, the market has a variety of preparations sprays that are widely used to create artificial saliva for people with dry mouth. Although artificial saliva does not contain a lot of digestive enzymes and natural antibiotics, it will partly decrease the discomfort of dry mouth.

However, you should consult pharmacist or doctor consultation for use of its.

4. Breathe through the nose as much as possible

To overcome dry mouth, be sure to always breathe through the nasal cavity. Some people with nasal congestion shortness of breath often have to breathe through the mouth, making their mouths dry, not eating well.

So, let your nose sprayed with saline to help you improve the dryness of your nose.