Behind every successful executive, director or manager you’ll get an effective and organized personal assistant. How to get a PA job in London isn’t that difficult, as long as you have the required qualifications and basic personal skills the entire process would be a piece of cake. Continue reading to find out more on how to get a PA job in London as well as what this exceptional job brings to the table.

As a personal assistant (PA) you will work intimately with senior administrative or directorial staff to give authoritative support, more often than not on a coordinated premise. You will help a director to make the best utilization of their time by managing secretarial and regulatory assignments.

PAs require broad learning of the association in which they work. You would need to know who the important staffs are (both internal and external) and comprehend the association’s points and destinations.

Directors regularly depend vigorously on their PA, assuming that work will be dealt with proficiently when they are away. Confidentiality and discretion are the basic characteristics of a successful PA.

Sometimes a personal assistant is known as an official secretary, personal secretary or private secretary.


How to get a PA job in London requires few qualifications such as HND, graduates, business administrative degree holders etc. If you have one of these qualifications then you have a high chance of getting a PA job in London. A few subjects are more important for specific businesses, e.g. Law for Legal activities and English literature for creative writing and publishing.

For HND holders, the under listed subjects may improve your odds:

• Business

• Secretarial Studies

• Administration

• Management

Getting a PA job without a degree or HND is possible as personal qualities, experience, and overall office skills are usually seen as essential qualities as well as qualification on how to get a PA job in London.

GCSE Mathematics and/or English are standard qualification necessities for some positions. IT qualification might likewise be needed.

It is not advisable to seek a job into a PA position as a graduate because of the height of experience acquired. But, it is possible and an additional method for improving your odds is to study for valid qualifications. These lessons or courses are intended to provide students with the fundamental skills for this career:

• LCCI International Qualifications – Private and Executive Secretary’s Diplomas;

• Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) – Level 3 Award in Professional PA and Administration Skills;

• Pitman Training – Professional executive PA Diploma.


Adding to relevant skills, administrative and secretarial knowledge, you’ll be required to show proof of the following:

• The capacity to work under pressure and short deadlines

• Excellent interpersonal skills

• Reliability and honesty

• Perfect word processing and IT proficiency, as well as knowledge of as many software packages as possible.

• Ability to act on your idea

• Outstanding oral and written communication skills

• Adaptability and flexibility to handle different tasks and work additional hours in order to meet up with deadline


As a personal assistant, you’ll be the first person to be contacted by your manager and people from within and outside the organization. Your responsibilities as a PA may include:

• maintaining and organizing files and scheduling appointments;

• maintaining and devising office systems, which includes filing and data management;

• scheduling travel, visas and accommodation, as well as going on a trip with the manager occasionally to assist during presentations, including taking notes of important items at meetings

• producing briefing papers, documents, presentations and reports;

• planning and attending occasions and making sure the manager is appropriately fit for meetings;

In addition to assisting their team, manager and the entire office, many private assistants are faced with their own tasks and workload. The procedures on how to get a PA job in London can be very complex, same as the role of a personal assistant as extra responsibilities can be included such as:

• Being caught up in decision-making processes.

• Executing particular projects and research;

• responsibility for budgets and accounts;