Starting a business is a time-consuming, detailed process. From developing an innovative product or service to formally organizing the business, there are many issues to consider along the way. When it comes to following the law, ignorance is not an excuse for non-compliance. Discover how to find business law information related to starting a new enterprise.

Small Business Administration

The United States Small Business Administration provides a wealth of information about business law regulations, especially as they pertain to starting a small company. Because the US SBA is a government website, the information is updated and reliable. Learn more about industry laws and regulations, employment and labor law, handling legal concerns and more.

Internal Revenue Service

The Internal Revenue Service provides the facts about paying business taxes. It can become confusing when a business hires employees, earns revenue or experiences losses. Discover more about starting, operating a closing a business without breaking applicable tax laws. Gain access to important IRS forms and also learn more about being self-employed.

Beware of Legal Websites

An array of legal websites are available, but they are no substitute for going to the source. Often people get confused at government websites, but they provide the legitimate information required to ensure businesses are always compliant. There are no guarantees that fly-by-night legal websites are providing legitimate information business managers can depend on.

Go to the Source

Starting a business means having a team of advisers on-hand to help every step of the way. Hiring an experienced business law attorney and a reputable accountant are essential to ensure compliance. These professionals have completed years of education to learn more about business law, taxes and other related issues. Their advice can help save businesses money and prevent them from facing penalties. For these reasons, they are a necessary business investment.