Once upon a time glasses were nerdy, but now they are hotter than hot. Glasses are fun for everyone, but you have to know which model best fits your face. We explain.

Fashion Model

Here you mainly look at the shape of your head. The rule of thumb is that you should choose a frame having opposite features than you. So you have polygonal shapes on your face? Then choose glasses with rounded shapes. Vice versa, please continue this in mind:

Main square – Choose a model with a round or oval frame, make sure the bottom edge Hemisphere and take a frame that is slightly wider than your cheekbones.

Round head – For glasses with an angular frame, keep it narrow (horizontal) and pick one with a nose bridge of a different color or different material than the rest, thus your eyes will look bigger.

Heart-shaped head – Choose a frame that is slightly wider than your forehead, put the emphasis on the bottom of the glasses and go for thin legs.

Oval Head – Go for a frame is slightly wider than the widest part of your face and choose a striking model (your head can do it!).


Do you have a petite head? Then you better choose a smaller glasses, otherwise you get a bit of the ‘hey glasses where are you going with that girl have effects. Also note that you follow when choosing the shape of your eyebrows, they should just exceed the frame. He should not rest on your cheeks making him move when you laugh.


Whichever color you choose depends on what you want with your glasses: you want to stand out or not? Is your answer yes? Then go for a color that contrasts with your hair and skin color. You want him more melds with your face? Go for a shade that really suits your personal colors.

Frame Thickness

All the thickness of the frame depends on your taste. Want conspicuous or inconspicuous glasses? You can easily find the right piece for your shape and body type from vouchercodesking. The choice is yours.