Motor vehicles need maintenance, anyone who owns any type of car, truck, van, bus, minibus, motorcycle, motor-home or any other type of vehicle needs, from time to time, to take them to the mechanic’s for routine maintenance (such as oil changes, tune-ups, tire replacements etc.).

Even vehicles which are perfectly maintained may suffer unexpected breakdowns, in such cases the services of a good auto mechanic is also necessary.

There is no shortage of auto shops in Oakland, but finding a mechanic that is both highly professional and one hundred percent reliable may not be such an easy task. In this blog post we bring you tips for finding a good mechanic, we suggest you look around before deciding which mechanic’s services to use.

References and Reputation

Mechanics which have been working for several years will have earned themselves some type of reputation, try to talk to vehicle owners who have used the mechanic’s services, ask if they were satisfied, if they had any complaints, how reliable they think the mechanic in question is etc.

You can learn a lot about a mechanic by talking to people who regularly use their services, but remember that loyal customers are the ones who are satisfied with the service they get, check to see if there are others who were not so satisfied and so have moved on to another mechanic.

Make Sure They Specialize In Working On Vehicles Such as Yours

Vehicles may differ from each other greatly, this is why mechanics choose certain types of vehicles that they specialize in working on. Sometimes mechanics may not tell you that they do not usually work on vehicles such as yours (usually this means they specialize in working on vehicles produced by other manufacturers). It is not hard to tell if the mechanic who’s services you consider using is one which knows their stuff so far as your particular vehicle is concerned. Look around to see if there are any signs as to which type of vehicles they work on the most, licenses from manufacturers, other vehicles similar to yours in the shop, spare parts for your type of vehicle in stock etc.


Having to take your vehicle to the auto shop is an inconvenience. Usually you’ll need to leave your vehicle there and have to arrange for a reliable towing service, you may have to wait, to be in touch in order to find out what is being done, how much it will cost, when will your vehicle be ready etc.

All of the above give the mechanic good opportunity to do more for their clients. For instance, some mechanics provide a substitute vehicle you can use until yours is ready, if they do not, they may at least give you a ride to wherever it is you need to get to after you’ve left your vehicle with them. If there’s a nice waiting room you may choose to wait and get some work done on your laptop.

A good mechanic will not keep you in the dark, they’ll tell you exactly what they’ll be doing to your car, how much they will charge for parts and how much for labor. They will tell you about different options (such as using original, substitute or refurbished spare parts). With a good mechanic you’ll feel that you’re leaving your vehicle in good hands.

Even the Best mechanics Make Mistakes

Working on cars is not always clear cut, even an excellent mechanic may misdiagnose a problem, and, since they carry out so much work on machines, they may, on rare occasions, fail to do a perfect job, something which may lead to the problem recurring shortly after it had been fixed or for other issues to crop up.

If you’ve learnt to trust your mechanic and are generally satisfied with previous work they’ve done for you do not jump to hasty conclusions just because you think they’ve screwed up. A good mechanic will take responsibility, tell you what they think went wrong and redo the work with no charge if they are indeed to blame.