If you have some old photos that are a part of your collection, then it follows that they are probably very important to you. What this means is that you will want to do almost anything to make sure that you do not lose the photos in any way because losing the photos could mean that you have lost a moment in time for ever. Having said that, when you have old photos, there are many things that could easily go wrong that could mean that you lose the photos forever. Below are some of the things that could easily go wrong as well as some of the solutions that you may have for taking care of the photos so that they do not get permanently damaged and to say the least, ruin your day.

One of the things about photo restoration that you should certainly know is that sometimes, your efforts to restore the photos that are damaged could easily go wrong and you could quite easily cause even more damage to the photos or at worst, ruin the photos for good. For this reason, it is quite important to make sure that before you attempt any effort to restore the photos that you have, you should capture them in their current state so that you at least do not lose all the images that you may treasure. This ‘capturing of the image’ in its current state, can be done in two ways. One way is to use a scanner so that you can create a digital copy of the image and the second way is to use a high resolution digital camera to take a photo of the picture. Once you do this with good technique, then even if you do not manage to restore the photo or repair the damage that you are trying to fix, you will still be able to keep the image in a format that you could easily replicate.

So, let’s get done to how to restore an old photo based on the damage that has been done to it. First, if the photo has some dust or dirt on it, instead of wiping the dirt away with your hands, a better technique to use is to wear some rubber gloves and then use a soft brush to get rid of the dirt or any other particles that may be on the photo. If you have a bunch of old photos that are stuck together, one of the best way that you can separate them is to soak them in distilled water for about 30 minutes and then use your finger to gently separate the photos. If the photos are stuck on some glass, for example the glass that is found on most picture frames, then one way to separate the picture from the glass is to use some heat to separate the picture from the glass in a safe way. This can be done using a blow dryer used at a distance of about 5 inches from the back of the printed part of the photo. Alternatively go to a photo restoration services provider, who will do all that for you.