Some people might think that to curl your hair with a hair straightener will be a herculean task or a near impossible mission. Well, you can prove them wrong with this review. A hair straightener can be used to produce full and bouncy curls that will not look like ringlets. Although it will take you some time to achieve this when once you mastered the technique, you will find out that you can create celebrity standard curls with amazing speed.

Steps to follow;

• It is important to note that wet hairs cannot curl therefore you should start with a dry hair. When blow drying your hair, make sure to use mousse so as to add extra volume that will prevent your hair from looking flat.

• Do not use a flat paddle-styled iron rather use a thin flat iron? Set the temperature of your styling iron to the range that will be suitable for your hair type.

• Put on a thermal protectant on your hair to prevent heat damage. Apply the spray all over your hair and comb it in or run it through with your hands if you do not have a comb. In a situation where your hair is thick, apply the heat protectant on section after each section to enable it to reach to the roots.

• Separate your hair into sections. It is better to put up the area above your ear into a bun. Then begin from the bottom of your scalp closer to your ear and neck. Remember to take as much hair as you can work with at a time.

• After straightening each section, unclip another section that you will straighten and remember to clip up again any area that you are not straightening.

• Continue curling your hair in layers after layers and remember to curl the last layer from front to back.

• Although if you are pressed for time, and your hair is naturally wavy, you can just curl the top most side of your hair and the side that surround your face.

• You can even alternate between flicks and curls. These two techniques are two different ways that you can curl your hair with a flat iron. Feel free to experience both of them to see which style you prefer.

• For better result, you can turn your straightening iron in a full turn instead of a half turn. This procedure will create full curls for you as you turn the hair around to produce a loop.

• You can even experiment with your straightening iron by rotating it under and over to check the curling styles that you can produce.

• You can even go for a crimped look. You can achieve this by clamping down on every tendril of your hair, then curl by slowly dragging down your iron from the top to down.

• Apply hair spray on every section that you divided if your hair is the type takes the time to curl. You can even add a little spritz so that the style will remain as it is.