Nowadays several e-commerce, institutional and corporate websites are using live chat assistance to provide their customers with a better experience and minimize the cost on overall human resource. .

With so many different live chat options available, the process of choosing one can be daunting. Read this post to find outhow you can choose the best live chat solution for your website.

Live chat support on a website is an excellent way to enrich the experience of the customers and reduce the overall service cost. If you search the keyword “best live chat software” on a search engine, you will find hundreds and thousands of options to choose from. With every solution-provider claiming to offer the best product, how will you choose the one that will perfectly suit your requirements?

To help you out, we have created a list of things that you should watch out for while selecting live support software.

Always-On Feature

The software you choose should come with always-on feature. This means that it should generate leads for you even after working hours. “We are Offline” is a message that can deter your customers when they have a query and they can start searching for other options rather than waiting for your live chat to be available again. With the always-on feature, the software will automatically collect and respond to the customer queries even if it is not staffed.

Visitor Analytics

Understanding our customers is an important step towards providing excellent service to the customers. The best live chat software comes with visitor analytics feature that can allow you to monitor the visitors and provide you with detailed information about their visit on your website. This is very useful in understanding the behavior of your customers and communicates with them in a personalized manner.

Effective Backend Reporting

Backend is what makes live chat online software what it is. What is the use of a live chat solution if the staff is required to search for the customer queries or find it difficult to manage multiple chats? The software you choose should have user-friendly and intuitive backend administration for the operator as well as the user. With a good backend support, it will be easier for you to keep a track of the performance of your staff and the staff will be able to handle the queries in a better way.


Visitors don’t like to wait for a long term in order to get answers to their query. If your support team is busy with other visitors, queuing feature will provide other visitors with an idea about how much time they are required to wait to talk to a support agent. They will get to know their position in the queue and will be able to track the progress.

REVE Chat is popular live support software which allows your support staff to provide guidance to your website visitors in a simpler and effective way. With features, like instant assistance, support service tracking, visitor analytics, canned response, and visitor analytics, the software ensures that your visitors have a unique browsing experience on your website.