It is a very common thing to suffer from back pain. According to some studies, 8 out of 10 people have back problems. Most of us experience back pain at least for once in their life. There are many reasons that cause back pain such as sports injuries, sprain ligaments, strain muscles or accident. There are a lot of products for back pain treatments available in the market. Many of them guarantee a fast back pain relief and it is hard to choose which product is suitable for you. In this article, you will have more information on how to choose a right product for you.

Heating pads

Heat is a popular method for back pain treatment. Apply heat to an aching back can help to reduce muscle tension, ease the pain, and can increase the flexibility.

Before buying any heating pads, you need to answer 3 questions:

• What do you need it for

• What types of pad do you need

• How big of a heating pad do you need.

If you suffer from acute pain, it is advised that you should talk to your doctor. On the other hand, if you suffer from chronic pain, heating pads might be a good option for you. There are two types of heating pads: electric pad and chemical pad. For the electric pad, users just have to wait few minutes for it to reaches the suitable temperature. On the market, heating pads are produced with numerous of size. If you have a back pain, you should buy an extra-large heating pad. Remember to choose the best heating pads that are friendly with the environment, made of fabric and washable but never wash your heating pads while it is plugged in. Don’t use it without a cover, and don’t sleep while heating pads are still on. Overuse of a heating pad can burn the skin.

Infrared sauna

There are many types of infrared sauna out there and all of them look the same. To choose the best infrared sauna for you, you should consider the size and the material before purchasing it. The size of the sauna means two things: how big is your house and how many people you want to accommodate. You might want to buy a larger one if you want to use it with your family. Almost every infrared sauna made of carbon or ceramic. While using fiber panels that made of carbon is flexible and hard to break while transit, ceramic sauna is much more expensive and delicate. However, carbon fiber sauna has an even heat distribution area and safer to use for longer therapy. In addition, they are more energy-efficient than sauna is made of ceramic.

Tens unit

Tens stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation which is usually used for all type of pain (both acute and chronic conditions). There are a lot of best Tens unit that is available in all kinds of functionalities and brands.

To choose the right Tens unit, you need to find out whether you can control time and mode of the machine or not. In addition, the machine should have a suitable display which allows users to be able to read all the statistics on the screen. If the price isn’t a concern for you, you might want to look for the best Tens unit that have wireless, rechargeable battery, reusable electrode pads and have long warranty period.