Finding a look that you like can be relatively easy but it also means that you are less likely to make a change. Therefore, you will soon find that you have been rocking the same look for a number of years. While knowing that you have a look that you can rely on offers you some comfort, it can get a little monotonous so why not try something different?

Go for a new look

Do you find that you wear the same thing to work and on the weekend? If you do then you need to look for something different. Trends can change extremely quickly but try and keep your wardrobe up-to-date. This is particularly important if you find that your outfits have been the same for many years. Therefore, with autumn just around the corner, try looking to add something different to your wardrobe which you feel is still you but on trend.

Gain inspiration

If you look for inspiration then you are likely to find that you can get beyond your comfort zone – it really is as simple as that. Have a look on websites such as Pinterest and flick through magazines to see what people are wearing and then look to implement these trends and looks into your wardrobe. If you see something you like, take a picture using your phone or write it down and then find it.

Accessories that make a difference

If making a big change is little too much, then it is simple to stay close to what you like while making a few subtle changes. Instead of going for a complete overhaul of your look, why not try and change things by adding some accessories. Bright coloured heels, a bold necklace or even a different style of bag like crossbody bags or satchels can completely change an outfit without having to make big changes that make you feel uncomfortable.

Bold colours are your friend

When it comes to looking for a new look, colours are the answer. They help to break boundaries and offer you the change to do something different. Wear an item of clothing in a colour that is different from the norm or choose to wear a different colour denim to your usual blue. The idea behind this is to choose clothes that you already wear but in a different colour because this is a simple way of changing your wardrobe.

Get advice

Receiving advice from others can really make you see a little clearer. Whether this is a friend, a colleague, a family member or even a professional it can certainly make a difference. Having someone else to see and advise on what would look good on you is a great way of seeing what others think. There’s no harm in trying new items of clothing on because you could be surprised by just how good they look.