Applying a body lotion to the skin can not only make the skin look more hydrated, but these lotions also have other benefits that are good for the skin? To make sure that the skin gets all the benefits that the lotion offers, it is better to make sure that it is applied correctly.

Apply enough lotion in your hands to do each part of the body at the same time. Applying enough lotion in your hands will ensure that you do not rush into the lotion, that you take your time and do it the right way.

It starts from the ankles and works so that the lotion is applied to all parts of the body until it reaches just below the chin. Leave the application on the face, hands and feet for the end. Instead of applying the lotion up and down, apply it in a circular way using the palms of your hands. Apply a light pressure, massaging the lotion on your skin and giving your muscles a relaxing massage at the same time.

After applying the lotion on most of the body, what follows is the face. It begins at the forehead and works form towards the chin in small circular movements with the pointer and middle finger of each hand. It prevents the lotion from flowing into the eyes, nose or mouth. It is best to use a lotion or cream made specifically to be worn on the face instead of for the entire body.

The following are the feet. Starting at the top of the skin, massage down, towards the toes. Massage your heel in circular motions. For the lower part of the skin, massage with circular movements applying a slight pressure especially on the soft parts of the foot. Each finger separately. Put the socks on your feet after the lotion has dried completely so you do not lose the lotion when you walk around.

Use the lotion for what is left in your hands. Be sure to massage the cream or lotion into the palm of your hands and do it on your fingers one by one. The lotion should also be applied to cuticles and wrists. Rub the lotion until it has dried.

Some important tips to applying for body lotion.

1. First and foremost, read carefully the instructions of the product.

2. It is a good idea to do a body peeling once a week or every two weeks, to help the assets of these cosmetics penetrate the deeper layers.

3. It is appropriate to apply the product only in the necessary treatment area, Performing a light circular massage until completely absorbed.

4. It is advisable to apply the product correctly 1 to 2 times a day (taking into account the indications). The record will be our best ally.

5. It is not necessary to apply moisturizing cream in the treatment areas, since the anti-cellulite, reducing, creams already have moisturizing active ingredients. The moisturizer will be applied to the rest of the body.

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