Brandon Mulnix, a rural paramedic supervisor, recently did something impossible – and so can you! But first, a little background.

One of the biggest issues I see holding businesses – as well as individuals – back on a regular basis is the amount of valuable time and resources it takes to solve a big, seemingly impossible problem. Having helped leaders from some of the largest organizations rapidly solve what they thought were impossible problems, I can assure you that big problems are almost always incorrectly identified, and the time we spend trying to solve the wrong problem is nothing more than a costly distraction preventing us from finding the solution.

I have been teaching the “Skip It” principle to leaders of organizations all over the world. There are several different ways to skip a problem so that you can move forward faster, but the one I want to highlight in this article centers around the following insight: The problem you think you need to solve is the wrong one to focus on. Once you skip the perceived problem, you can get to the real problem, and the solution shifts from being invisible to being clearly visible.