Canada Post provides letter delivery services within Canada, to the USA and to the international destinations for its customers. A letter sent by Canada Post can be an envelope, a greeting card, bill, document, magazine and etc.. The specification of a letter size can be seen below.

Standard Letter Mail Size
Non standard letter mail size (envelops, cards, magazines and self-mailers)

If you have a need to send a letter, make sure you meet the above letter size. The shipping time of a letter varies towards different shipping destinations and shipping services. The estimated delivery time calculated by Canada Post is the total time from a package is sent by a person to the first delivery attempt is made by a carrier.

If you ship a letter within Canada by Lettermail™, the estimated delivery time would be 2-4 business days; to the USA by letter post, 4-6 business days and to international by letter post, 4-7 business days.

Customers who want to get a proof of delivery can add the Registered Mail™ service to Lettermail™ and letter post. Other services like a stamped, registered receipt, compensation for lost or damaged items, a delivery confirmation can also owned.