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JetBlue took a fast passed corner on Sixth Ave in New York City and interacted with more people then they could have with a person standing on the street, giving away free tickets…yet thats exactly what they did!

The Airline created what looked like a life sized Avatar, that would interact with passers-by. The ‘Avatar’ was a JetBlue Stewardess who would say, “Hello. Welcome to the JetBlue Experience. Please Select a topic to get Started.” People walking along the street could stop, and using a sensor, could select one of the 5 options or ask a question. Once a person tapped one of the options such as “Snacks” or “Legroom,” the ‘Avatar’ Stewardess would give them an interesting fact about the brand. After she told the person a fact about JetBlue, the ‘Avatar’ would make a comment about the person interacting with her, making it seem as though she could really see them. The ‘Avatar’ Stewardess would then have the person do something ridiculous…and people did it.

The ‘Avatar’ Stewardess had strangers interact with each other, and grown adults did things they would never do if someone on the street asked them to do it. All of these people did odd things and there was nothing benefitting them. They weren’t offered anything, they weren’t asked to take a survey, or answer questions, they just interacted with a screen and if the screen told them to do something most of the time, they did.

How did the ‘Avatar’ have such a detailed interaction with each person? The ‘Avatar’ was a real life Stewardess who was behind a display window. With the use of a hidden camera, a sensor to create the illusion of a touch screen and amazing acting from a JetBlue Stewardess the ‘Avatar’ like experience was created. JetBlue created 2,600 real world interactions in a weekend. Additionally, Stewardess gave out 100 free flights to those who interacted with her the most, leaving the display window and coming onto the street to meet the person who was so willing to something crazy.

This was a brilliant research study as JetBlue recorded every topic that people selected. People interacting with the ‘Avatar’ showed what they were most interested in their airline experience. This informed the Airline what most people cared about when selecting an airline, while also informing the public about JetBlue.

JetBlue successfully created an experience where a screen had more power then a person…while still being a real person.