Finding quality insurance isn’t easy. Once you do find a provider that offers the coverage you are looking for, finding it at a fair price takes the challenge to a whole new level. If you are self-employed or are working less than full time, finding insurance that best serves the needs of your and your family can be part time work all of its own. 

Chasing my dreams

When I first made the decision to leave my job and begin pursuing my career goals, insurance was not a factor I spent time considering myself about. I had spent the previous three years with a huge marketing firm and the benefits were almost as great as the pay.

My wife and daughter have been blessed with great health, so insurance kind of slipped my mind when planning to launch my own business. My abilities as a writer are what landed the position I was given. My dream was to start a business less focused on marketing and geared more towards creating content.

We transformed a small upstairs bedroom into my office, and the dream was up and running. Within the first two months, I had acquired more customers than I had projected having after six months. Because of the demand for my work, I was able to justify raising my prices.

Business was good. I had a number in mind that I needed to earn during the first year in order to keep from going back to work for someone else. After eight months, the goal had been smashed. Not only did my family begin saving more, we also started spending. A lot. Somehow, the fact that my health insurance had expired three months prior never managed to catch my attention.

Life became a nightmare

That’s when it happened. What started off as a cough landed me in bed for days within just two weeks. I finally gave in to my wife’s demands and went in to see someone at the local clinic. When I was scheduled an appointment to see a specialist, I knew the results were not going to be good,

I was one of the very few lucky ones. They had been able to identify and locate cancer in my throat soon enough that it all could be removed with little chance of coming back. However, because of the fact that I did not have health insurance, I was left to handle a huge debt on my own. My family has felt this burden for several years now. 

Due to the fact that I have been previously diagnosed with a terminal illness, the chances of finding affordable insurance are even less than before. It has simply become a fact that I can not afford to get sick again.

If you are one of the many people who keep telling yourself you can’t afford health insurance right now, trust me, you can’t afford to go without it. Life happens full throttle and sometimes we get so caught up that we aren’t able to hit the brakes in time. All we can do is tighten our grip and wait for the collision.

Whether you have a family or are living life on your own, you either owe it yourself or to them to make sure you are prepared to handle what life throws at you.