I started writing my personal finance blog to share my financial hacks that saved me thousands (in fact lakhs) of rupees over the years.

Now, I am earning more than 50,000 rupees from my online work. Of course, that cannot be achieved overnight, but imagine if that can happen in the next 2-3 years. Yes, this is absolutely possible in less than three years.

Our goal is to become financially free but how many of us able to do achieve that freedom. Saving into retirement account will never make you financially free but a passive source of income can.

Think where were you before five years? How much you have achieved and now how much more work you have to do to become financially free. And, if you continue doing what you are doing, where will you reach?

Not far, I am sure you will not become financially free till you reach 60 years of age. Then what is the point of having a lot of money when you cannot enjoy with it now?

I don’t believe in retiring at the age of 60. I want to live a life of retirement every moment. I want to spend month long vacations every year with my family.

I used to think in the similar way like all people do when I was doing my job in a software company few years back. I was working as the technical lead in a major IT company, enjoying my onsite assignment in US. The next promotion was due in a year, I was about to become a manager. A much higher salary would have come.

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