Eyelash extensions are a great beauty accessory, but they can be a pain to put on. While “falsies” are one of the most fun and flirty ways to boost lashes, the application process can leave you with irritated eyes, sparse lashes, and potential eye damage. Even clinical studies have shown that the glue in many store-bought, at-home eyelash extension kits contain a toxic ingredient known as formaldehyde. This ingredient, found in high amounts (up to 3 times the standard) in most conventional faux lash kits, is directly associated with eye problems, including allergies, inflammation, and hemorrhaging.1

And then, there is the problem of actually getting the lashes to sit correctly on your natural lash line. This is often one of the most challenging parts of the application process, which is why many people use metal tools to apply false lashes. However, when you are working with these types of tools (tweezers, scissors, and lash curlers), it can greatly increase the likelihood of eye injury. Scratches, scrapes, and abrasions can easily occur when you have these types of sharp objects near your eye.

If you have never applied false eyelashes at home, here is a quick breakdown of the application process:

– Remove the false eyelashes from the packaging, and grip one of the lashes with your fingers or tweezers.

– Dip the base of your tweezers or scissors in the adhesive, and apply a small amount to the line of the false lash.

– Align the outer edge of the top false lash to your natural lash line. Then press the false lash onto your lash line allowing it to set for a few seconds before you let go. This allows the adhesive to dry slightly, and stick more securely.

While it sounds simple, conventional lashes are never easy to get in place. In fact, repositioning the false lashes can sometimes take several tries. And with each attempt, you have to wash the adhesive off the lashes and re-apply. Pulling the lashes off repeatedly can damage your natural eyelashes.

Exhausting, isn’t it?

How I Learned to Love Applying Lash Extensions

After falling in love with the thicker, fuller look of false lashes, I realized that I would have to find a better way to satisfy my need for glam eyes. After all, I could not keep risking injury to my eye with sharp tools, or losing my natural lashes fumbling around with the sticky, toxic glue. That was when I went on my Instagram, and found that my friend had posted a picture of herself at dinner with the most glamorous-looking set of full falsies I’d ever seen. Of course, I left a comment telling her I had a huge case of lash envy. She replied with the magic words my ears had always wanted to hear: “They are magnetic eyelash extensions.” What?!

Introducing One Two Lash, the World’s first magnetic eyelash extensions. Designed exclusively for One Two Cosmetics, these are the only lashes of their kind, and they are unlike anything I’ve ever tried. Every One Two Lash set features patented micro-magnetic technology by One Two Cosmetics that allows you to set the lashes on your eyes in just seconds, no matter where you are, or what you’re wearing.

To Apply One Two Lashes:

– Remove the top One Two Lash from the case, and place it above your top lash line, just over your natural eyelash.

– Holding the One Two Lash with the soft pads of your index finger and thumb, align the edges of the One Two Lash with your natural lash line.

– Allow the One Two Lash to rest on your natural top eyelash, and remove the other One Two Lash from the carrying case. You’ll know it’s the lower One Two Lash because it has a red dot on it.

– Place the bottom One Two Lash in line with your natural lash line, but just below the upper lash. Bring the bottom One Two Lash closer to your natural lash and you’ll feel the micro magnets pull towards each other. This will set the lashes in place, and sandwich your natural lash between the One Two Lashes.

How To Remove One Two Lashes:

– Taking off faux eyelashes has never been easier. Just take each micro magnet into your fingertips (index finger, and thumb), and slide them away from each other. But never pull a One Two Lash off of your natural lashes forward, as it can damage your magnetic lash set permanently.

There is a style of One Two Lash by One Two Cosmetics for everyone:

Original Lash by One Two Cosmetics. This featherweight falsie is ideal for those who want long, strong, and luxuriously thick lashes. Beef up your natural lashes with the One Two Cosmetics’ Original Lash set. Made to look natural with a versatile length, the Original One Two Lash set works with any look.

Bold Lash by One Two Cosmetics. When you’re ready to really amp up your eyes, try One Two Cosmetics’ Bold Lash extensions. Designed for high-intensity volume and with a dense, thick appearance, the Bold Lash set is a must for a night on the town. These lashes make transitioning from daytime looks to evening wear a snap.

Accent Lash by One Two Cosmetics. Add density to your own natural lashes with One Two Cosmetics’ Accent Lash. Designed exclusively for One Two Cosmetics, the Accent Lash set elongates your natural eye line, delivering a subtle cat eye effect with a hint of curl at the tip.

It was so easy to fall in love with false lashes once I found One Two Lash developed by One Two Cosmetics. Every set is feather-light and reusable, so I always have fresh falsies to make me look fabulous whenever I want. Each set of One Two Lash extensions includes not just one, but two different sets of One Two Lashes. And the price is still lower than just one trip to a lash salon, so it saves me money, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the lush lashes millions of glam gals already have: One Two Lash magnetic extensions.