If you don’t know how to register a domain, it is best to look for someone who knows how to. The following tips will help you in your domain name registration.

Type of Domain you want

Every domain has its way of registering, what you need to do is to look the one that suits you, either dot com or dot org and many others. When you identify the one you want you to need to know what it can hold and what it can’t hold.

Add what you need

When you are through you, need to write something on your domain to help it stay active and start receiving visitors, also make sure your domain does not have any hidden pages that customers cannot get access to, but in turn, make sure all the pages are clickable and are viewable.

Link your Domain to your Blog

For those people who have blogs, it’s nice to link your domain to your blog to get an easier notification without visiting the field. Also, make sure that you turn the notifications on so that you may get notified of what is happening. Most people opt for this method because it is easier to use and it does not take long to open.

Look for a unique name

When registering your name, you need to look for a unique one so that people may get interested in your domain. Also, make sure that the name does not have another user because the operator may refuse to grant your field accessibility because of the repetition of a name. You need to do research on how many domains have the name you have in mind. Check the best name to call it and which matches the product or the surface you want to be selling.


You need to know the price first, to know how much you will be charged for the whole process of registration. You should do research on how much one pays for the domain and how long it takes for it to go live. The budget for it accordingly so that you may get the best out of the service. There are companies which offer registration for free if the customer wants their site to be hosted, while there are those who charge both. If your domain is not for hosting, there is a special fee you will pay to the creator.