There is a way to determine if the firearm is in more jeopardy of being tampered with in some situations over others. Some of the contributing factors to deciding the level of protection that is needed include:

Is the firearm in an apartment or shared living situation? If the handgun or long rifle is in a situation where a number of people that are not necessarily trusted friends or family, then there should be a heightened security function on the safe.

Are there children living in the same residence as the firearm? If there are children that reside in the home or visit the home, then there is a need for the safe to possess a heightened level of tamper-proof protection. Children are more curious and crafty than one would think.

Is there a significant amount of criminal activity in the surrounding area? If the answer is yes, then the safe needs to have an increased amount of security and tamper proof features.

124449_ts[1]These are just a handful of the more common elements that come into consideration when selecting the appropriate safe that fits under a certain budget. There are tons of safes that are available for purchase that will not cost an exorbitant amount of money for the gun owners like the Stack-On safe options or even the GunVault VB series.