It is quite well known, the extent of damage moisture and humidity can inflict on products especially electronics. Humidity and presence of moisture certainly leads to the build up of rust, warping, various breakdowns, and lead based oxidation amongst others. Often to counter such problems the process of baking was mostly resorted to. However that didn’t seem to work out with every kind of item.

Technology at Aid:

The best of solutions have now come up in the form of dry cabinets or desiccators. To put it across in a simpler manner, the modern day super dryer cabinets are just perfect for purpose like use in a laboratory, EMS or even SMT. The SMT or Surface Mount Technology generally involves a number of parts and feeders. Optimum protection and storage are always required for such parts and this is where the dry cabinets come into play. It is in this same manner that moisture sensitive devices or MSD, semi-manufactured goods, printed circuit boards, magnetic tapes, resistors, various types of chemicals and solder paste, all reap from the benefits on offer from the dry cabinet storage.

The Underlining Importance:

While manufacturers manufacturing dry cabinets in India are gaining popularity just as other counterparts across the world, it would be worthwhile to delve further into the importance of dry cabinets. The very fine components that modern chip technology promote are very much fragile in the face of humid environment. The moisture trapped inside can go on to expand and damage the devices at the end.

Same can be said of the magnetic reel to reel tapes that have to be retained in low humid conditions. The dry cabinets control the level of humidity perfectly. Going with the afore mentioned context of chip technology being damaged by too much moisture retention, the absorbed moisture makes printed circuit boards and IC packages suffer irreparable damages like pop-corning, blisters, warping etc.

The Success of the Storage Units:

Humidity controlled storage units are having their success story written through their very list of features that goes on as;

• Normally the storage cabinets are available in a variety of options like <5% RH, <10% RH, <20%RH and the likes. Every type guarantees a fast mode of recovery.

• For the users of these cabinets there is no need to rely on other previously used components like Nitrogen or dry air.

• Moisture presence is minimised by sucking the air out through the use of the very powerful desiccants which happen to be renewable too.

• Inside the humidity control cabinets are the presence of dual hygrometer with intelligent sensors that monitor the level of humidity.

• Advancements and improvements are always on the cards for the cabinet manufacturers. The reason why the latest of dry cabinet models come featured with infinite floor-life as a guarantee for the stored devices along with shelf life in adherence to every prescribed standard.

Thus at the end of it all it may be rightly said, the dry cabinets are now an indispensable part of every technology related industry.