A lot of people might be under the assumption that online dating is for younger people. However, the truth is that over 50 singles are starting to discover that online dating may be possible for them too. Statistics show that more than 12% of over 50 singles have turned to dating sites to find a potential partner. This should be no surprise since there are plenty of dating sites on the internet which cater specifically to over 50 singles.

As for the dating sites that cater to everybody, they still give members the ability to filter their matches so they can choose which age demographic they want their match to be. That way, anyone looking for singles will be able to get paired up with them. People have so many options now to find a partner that they wouldn’t have had just 10 or 20 years ago. Take advantage of it while you can.

Dating in Your 50s

We all know that dating in your 50s is a lot different than dating in your 20s. Most over 50 singles have already had previous relationships before. More than likely, they’ve also had previous marriages before and kids from those marriages. That is why the neat thing about dating over 50 is that each person is more relaxed now and are not looking to start another family anytime soon. This takes the pressure of both parties.

When it comes to online dating, over 50 singles are usually not going to misrepresent themselves if they are looking for other over 50 singles. The expectations of their potential partner having the right appearance or income level are not there. Over 50 singles tend to be more honest with their pictures and profiles because they are too old to be playing games. If you are over 50 and want to do some online dating with others around your age, then maintain complete honest about yourself and you will have the most success.

Below is a list of the 5 best over 50 dating sites on the internet.


Match.com is, perhaps, the most popular online dating website in the world. Although they let anyone over 18 establish an account, there are plenty of filtering options that members can use to choose the age group they want to target for their matches. However, Match.com has more over 50 singles than any other online dating website on the internet. The best part is that Match.com verifies the identities of its users and displays an ID verification badge on their profile to show other members that their personal information is accurate.


Elite Singles is an online dating website that caters more to professionals who have a college degree. Although there are people of all ages on the website, you can still find educated  singles through Elite Singles. Aside from filtering the age group of your potential matches, you can filter the education of your matches as well. Roughly 82% of all members of this online dating website have a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctorate Degree, or some other college-level degree.


We’ve all seen the commercials for eHarmony.com which claim that members get matched up with each other based on their 29 dimensions of compatibility. Not only that, around 20% of eHarmony’s members are over 50 singles. This means that your potential matches will be singles who are around your preferred age and they will have the personality traits in which you desire in your potential match as well.


Our Time is an online dating website that is growing in popular amongst over 50 singles. The reason for that is because it only allows over 50 singles to become members of the website. This eliminates the hassle of having to filter out younger members’ profiles since everyone on Our Time is over 50. It also has an interface which is easy-to-use and search features which still let you filter other demographics about the match, aside from their age.


This is a fun online dating website for over 50 singles that is getting more attention every day. It encourages over 50 singles to not only meet each other online, but to also become engaged in discussions through the online forums and groups of the website too. Even if you are not looking for any serious online dating relationships, you can still make friends or find support in trying to find that special someone that you are searching for.