we were surprised to see that 61% of small business owners believe their businesses are not ready for artificial intelligence (AI). Why is this curious? Because AI adds the type of seamless efficiency that gives small businesses a huge boost — and because you probably use it already anyway. Accident insurance video

That’s right — We rely on intelligent offerings every time we order from Amazon, ask Siri for directions, chat with a customer service rep, or add a suggested friend on Facebook. Fraud detection, smart cars, music recommendations? AI, AI, AI. And there’s no reason smaller businesses can’t emulate these powerful, time-saving features, too. Here are three ways to add artificial intelligence to your growing business.

Marketing teams today have better, smarter ways to attract new customers. The big data trend gives companies a jaw-dropping amount of information on buyer behavior, but no real way to parse it. Just add AI, and you’ve got accurate predictions and qualified leads. Now marketers can segment and build audiences based on likely future actions and automatically adapt the journey so customers receive the right offer at the right time. AI can even automate email send times, offer customer recommendations, and predict customer sentiment.