Safeguarding your home against burglaries is of utmost importance, especially when you consider the fact that in case of 28% of home burglaries, a member of the household was in the house. When we leave our homes, we want to know that our families are safe, or that our properties are properly secured. Therefore, you have to make sure that you have everything covered, and that nothing is left exposed.

Creating the Impression that Someone is at Home

Burglars are less likely to break into your home if they think that someone is there. Of course, you cannot be constantly at home, but you can make them believe that you are. The best way to achieve this is by installing interior and exterior lighting that will automatically turn on and off according to its programmed pattern. You should establish the pattern that will resemble the actual occupancy and that you’ll neighbors remember and be able to recognize if something changes while you’re away. Light-timers should be used in the vicinity of the front and back windows, the front door, and any dark passage.

Installing Alarm Systems

When installing an alarm system you have to make sure to minimize the possibility for disconnecting it, therefore, all wires must be concealed. Alarm systems are a strong deterrent for burglars, which is the reason why you should obtain alarm signs that will drive them away. In order for alarm systems to function efficiently, they have to be properly maintained and installed. If there are any faults, you should fix them as soon as possible – if your alarm goes off frequently without reason, your neighbors will ignore it, even when an actual burglary is happening.

Securing Windows

Windows are usually the most accessible entry point for burglars, especially those on ground floor. Firstly, when leaving your home, make sure that you’ve closed the windows, since open windows are like an invitation for burglars. Windows on the upper floors are not as accessible as those on the ground floor, unless there’s a tree, stairway or balcony next to them. In any case, since windows have latches, you should obtain secondary blocking devices that cannot be removed from outside in order to secure them properly. Additionally, you can opt for burglar-resistant glass that cannot be easily broken.

Burglar-proofing Doors and Locks

The estimates show that approximately 34% of burglars enter a home through the front door, and that’s not even the most accessible entrance into a house. The most susceptible to break-ins are the garage doors, therefore, you have to ensure that they cannot be easily broken into. Firstly, keep the garage door locked even when your car isn’t in the garage. Secondly, you can install a wireless system for opening the garage doors and use openers that don’t require the installation of a lock that can be broken. You can check the garage door opener reviews to see what’s on the market. Consider using a metal door for all entrances into your home, remember to reset the door hinges and reinforce the door with a panel for maximum home security.

Relying on your Neighbors

In case of a burglary, you need to know that you can rely on your neighbors to call the police, or check your house. Therefore, you need to get to know them and establish trust, and be there for them, as well. Once you establish a trusting relationship, you can leave them a spare key in order for them to check your house while you’re away. You should all take responsibility for creating a safe area in your neighborhood, and everything starts with a handshake.

If you ensure the security of your home, you can enjoy your time away without having to worry about possible break-ins. All you need to do is strengthen all the weak points that burglars can use and rely on your neighbors to keep an eye on your house when you’re not there.