Will the United States finally see its first ever MRS. President in 2016? Should Hillary Clinton decide to run (let’s be honest, we all know she’s running), numbers suggest that she may very well become the next president. Here are a few of the reasons why many think she will have the election in the bag.

1. Her many loyal supporters 

According to numerous polls, Clinton has been ahead of potential Republican opponents since speculation of her running began. Roughly half of the public said they would vote for her in the 2016 election while the other half was split between Republican candidates and undecided. She will easily take the minority vote. With her recognition and huge platform, it won’t be hard to gain even more support come campaign season, especially from younger voters who will appreciate her stance on education and student debt.

2. Bill Clinton and the “golden years”

When economic conditions are less than ideal, some like to throw blame on the current administration and reminisce about a better time. For people today, that would be the Bill Clinton era, where millions of jobs were created and the deficit wasn’t a problem because we actually had a surplus. People are going to look back to that period of economic prosperity under the Clinton administration and count on Hillary to revive it. Americans thrive off of hope and this is it.

3. Her experience 

One of the biggest complaints about Barack Obama in the 2008 election was his lack of experience. His qualifications for the job were questioned. The same cannot be said about Hillary. As U.S. Senator, First Lady, Secretary of State, and one of the most influential lawyers of her time, she’s proved time and time again that she knows exactly what she’s doing and can handle the pressure that comes with leading an entire country.

4. No worthy opponents 

There’s simply no one better for the job. Even Glenn Beck, a hardcore conservative, said that the Republican party will be unable to respond: “While we [Republicans] are talking about technicalities and the past, they are going to be talking about a past that was brightly remembered and they will talk about the America we will become. She will win.” It’s true. None of the potential Republican candidates will be able to create a strong enough campaign to counter that, especially when she has the potential to win some of the moderate Republican vote.

5. It’s time 

It’s the 21st century, and it’s been almost a century since the 19th amendment allowing women to vote was ratified. We have come a long way since then. In 2012, Emily’s List released polling data showing that 90% of Americans would vote for a qualified woman candidate and 72% believe that a woman will be elected as president in the next election. America is more than ready for a women president and no one deserves the honor of being the first more than Hillary Rodham Clinton.