Twenty dollars may not seem like much, but that amount can clinch your future. How?  By paying yourself back you can start that fund for  a car, an apartment or even a trip. I know what you are thinking… pay myself back…right. I’m not talking about half or even a quarter of a paycheck. For those like me that are in a kind of temporary employment, i.e. only working 9-10 months out of the year, saving can be an empty promise to oneself every time a check is picked up. However, once bills are paid, the rest quickly disappears for instant gratification. Be that as it may it is never too late to start saving. It starts with $20.

1. Start at the beginning. Hypothetically speaking let’s say you are paid $675 every two weeks. For every $100 you receive take out $20. That means that every month you should have saved at least $120. This will give you a sense of peace that no matter what you spend the rest of the money on, you will have a savings account started.

2. Hands Off! Do not touch this money unless it is absolutely critical, i.e. a dying loved one, a car part that needs fixing, etc.  Pleas from young nieces or nephews for toys or extras do not count.

3. Set a budget. Say you worked overtime and have an extra $150. If you are really itching to spend it budget half of it for whatever you want. In my case my addiction is books. The rest should go in the savings envelope or account.

4. Keep your eyes and mind open! Finally, the most important thing to remember to keep your eyes upon the big picture. If a car is what you want print up a big picture, tack it to your wall and keep looking at it daily to remind yourself of how much $20 can buy.