Wondering what the favorite treat is? Crunchy Munchy or Drools? Well, it’s a lot more common that we ever knew- BONES! As pet owners, it’s always assumed that dogs love bones and not giving them a bone would probably kill them! Or, it’s as healthy as letting them run around and feel the wind when they’re let open.

However, PSDA veterinary charity came up with warnings issued after the vets and nurses saw the condition of dogs suffering. Bones led to their digestive systems damage huge plus,

major blockages, and so on due to larger bone pieces.

You may ask what if the bone is cooked? Well, they’re still harmful- yes, it benefits them with regard to calcium intake, cleaning their teeth. However, a senior vet, Rebecca Ashman said that the bones they chewed were getting stuck in their digestive tracts, causing blockages which could be fatal too.

Companies like Tesco stopped selling bones which were natural for dogs due to this fatality. In fact, 2-year dog passed away due to the same issue, sensitizing this major issue. The bone int here was fragmented, causing illness, leading this endless sleep.

PSDA’s PR consultant said that bones could be lethal. It can split open stomachs which cannot be undone. Prevent tragic ends like these by saying no to bones!

Post a few deaths of dogs, Tesco started manufacturing artificially made calcium bones which had a statutory warning.

If you feed your dog bones, it’s recommended to be addressed- also, it’s not just harmful to pets but, for humans too! The esophagus blockage cannot be told by the dog- it’s your job as a pet owner to take care of your pets and ensure they live healthy and happy.

The solution: Not all pet owners will be aware of this problem. But, if you are reading this blog, so share it for the sake of others pets lives. Remember, your pet is a part of your family, don’t neglect him in any way. For business people, you can always opt for pet owners email list which shall not only benefit your business but, shall help pet owners know about latest pet- trends in no time! 

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