The way 2011 was the year of brussel sprouts, 2014 seems to be the year of wearables.  Even my friend who literally just got a smartphone was telling me about them at dinner the other night.  It’s happening.

As someone open to wearables (I wear a basis watch and use a lumoback for posture and like them both, though the build quality on the first generation lumoback leaves a lot ot be desired), I’m more than comfortable with this spreading into the larger culture.

But my current frustration is that there is no third party doing anything interesting with the data.  All the major wearables have open API’s (I keep a spreadsheet of those that do, and it’s basically all of them) allowing you to pull your data out and analyze it.

What I’m looking for is a third party solution to offer me not only back-up of my data outside the proprietary system of each vendor, but more importantly, analysis that takes into account the various data inputs.

Nest (the thermostat maker) measures temperature and CO2 levels for the home, and has an open API.  There is a huge opportunity for a player to move into the space and scrape that data and analyze it against the weight measures of a wifi scale and the activity measurements of a basis or a pebble.

While the data remains silo’d, there’s a limit to how interesting it can be.  But be the resource for intelligent, automated analysis, unlinked to any specific device, and there is a major opportunity there.  Not only consumer facing (subscription services for data storage and insight), but also business facing, taking the aggregate data and analyzing it for opportunity.

I’m not the guy to build it (I’m not a statistician or a doctor, I make movies), but I can see the opportunity brewing, primarily as a consumer who is frustrated that the solution isn’t already out there.

It’s the missing play in wearables; somebody hop on it.