Intelligent Data Lake Overview:

Intelligent Data Lake (IDL in short), an important file from the Informatica Data Management briefcase is a data preparation tool designed for business users and analysts to identify, access, manage and work with business data without the interference of administrator. This tool follows a cooperative self-service model to help its users to unearth and prepare data for data analyzation and share the same with other analysts. Intelligent Data Lake empowers enterprises in converting the unstructured big data into powerful and helpful business values. Informatica Online training covers basic introduction to Informatica Data Lake.

With Intelligent Data Lake – No Dependency, Only Intelligence:

Previously, data professionals and data analysts used to rely on IT arena to access the business data that they are looking for business analysis and better decision making strategies. In sequence, the IT arena relies on labor and manual intensive methodologies to govern, integrate, organize and protect big data in an integrated technology environment. In contrast, data scientists/professionals and data analysts have parked themselves on self-service tools such as Informatica Intelligent Data Lake to execute their data analysis. Nonetheless, self-service tools can unintentionally create compliance and security risks because of lack of governance and data proliferation. 

By using Intelligent Data Lake, enterprises achieve business insights from big data by harmonizing self-service with governance. IDL uses data lake to fill the gap between the business and IT by enhancing managed self-service processes for IT governance and business.

What IDL does?

In addition, IT system can flawlessly and easily functionalize the works executed by data analysts and have 36–degree visibility into the processes in the data lake for governance purposes. A data catalog is used by IDL to facilitate users, identify and explore data assets in the enterprise, either in or out of the data lake area. The data catalog is built-in by the universal metadata services, which is available in the Informatica Live Data Map product. As an IDL administrator, you administer the data catalog and operate scans on the enterprise systems to familiarize the data catalog.

Analysts can search the data in catalog that sits inside or outside the lake via IDL and find out the relationships and lineage between the data in various enterprise systems. Informatica training covers above said features in detail.