Happy Persian New Year, Happy Nowruz, sometimes spelled Norouz or Norooz. This holiday will take place on  March 20 2017, but, depending where you are this will of course occur at different times. This site gives the exact times of the Persian New Year 1396 for various locations world-wide.

That day also marks the first day of spring, or the Vernal Equinox. Steve Raleigh explains – “Spring officially arrives at 6:28 tomorrow morning. Of course, it’s when the sun will be directly over the equator and the vernal equinox arrives!” But what is the vernal equinox? According to Cambridge Dictionary it is “the time in the spring when the sun crosses the equator, and when night and day are of equal length”.

As we all become global citizens we should embrace holidays from other cultures. Forbes for example, did not miss the opportunity to send wishes to Persian entrepreneurs. Companies, organizations and institutions honor the holiday in different ways, some provide information, some simply acknowledge it and others report on or broadcast the celebrations.  

Harvard’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies has an educator’s guide, Bon Appétit and the LA Times have suggestions for what to cook if you are interested. There are celebrations going on across the globe and the in England, the BBC will be broadcasting their festival on BBC Persian TV.

So, Happy Nowruz, Happy Spring, or Happy Vernal Equinox if you prefer…