Most of us consider ourselves creative but we seldom are. Those who consider it a God’s gift doesn’t even try to be creative because they tell themselves that it comes naturally to individuals. There were some experiments which were carried and it was deduced that creativity is an inborn commodity – everyone has it.

In the experiment, it was observed that the older we got, the less and less creative we became. With time we lost the touch with our creativity and began unlearning it. So, this is not an inheritance limited to only a handful of individuals rather it applies to us all.

What accounts for diminishing creativity in us with age and what can be done about it?Well, read on below:

Education: the killer of creative instincts

Hearing the word education, the first thing that may have crossed your mind would have been, “How could education be responsible for the loss of creativity?” Valid question but let me explain further. Our brains are wired when we enter schools in a certain. We are fed numbers and vocabulary.

And then we are told to conform to these numbers and vocabulary. Creativity blossoms where we are free to practice our minds. Think out of the box or devise new ways to solve problems. But the road is set for us in schools that ‘X’ will lead to ‘Y’ and only after ‘Y’, it will lead to ‘Z’.

What is creativity?

In the words of Richard N. Foster, “the ability to find associations between different fields of knowledge, especially ones that appear radically different at first”. And Steve Jobs did precisely that by bringing phone, camera, and computer together into a phenomenon called Apple iPhone.

Stimulating creativity through the Two-word exercise

A neuroscientist by the name of Paul Howard Jones coined the term and asked the subjects under study to create a story by first merging together ideas through arelated set of words. And then repeat the exercise with a set of unrelated words.

An example could be words like ‘brush’, ‘teeth’ and ‘shine’ whereas for the latter part of the experiment; ‘cow’, ‘zip’ and ‘start’. Results were mind bending. As you would normally hope that to weave a story with related words is easy but with unrelated words a tad bit difficult. Exactly! That difficult bit is what made the story creative and not dull.

The road to getting it back

When you are pushed to your limits or in other words, are challenged you will often surprise yourself with creative talent, you didn’t know you had until that point in time. The reason subjects crafted a creative storytelling in the above experiment was because they felt challenged. Their brains switched gears and started making deductions that how ‘cow’, ‘zip’ and ‘start’ can be linked.

The practice can be a hard at first, especially if you have never been exposed to a challenging environment and have always found mediocrity to be your best friend but with practice, you can master the art.

Brainstorm ideas and come up with at least 10 scenarios between two or more irrelevant ideas on a daily basis. The ideal environment is to sit in a quiet room and ponder over the abstract terms, probably for 15 minutes.

I speak of the time because it is equally essential that while you try to be creative, you should subject yourself to pressures of the time. Without any time limit, boosting your creativity mantra fails/falls flat on the ground.

A slight demonstration

A demonstration of the above can be understood in light of the following two words:

1. Skill

2. Reality

Remember, this is just an illustration as to how you can go about being creative. Now ask yourself, is there a correlation between skill and reality? Can a skill come into contact with reality? Are there any tangible grounds to these two? And the likes thereof.

Now that you have asked different questions, time to generate scenarios.

Scenario 1

Skills are in demand in the current job market. The reality is that degrees have become outdated and relevant skills such as web development are attracting the workforce. You don’t have to be degree qualified in order to land an entry-level role under web development in an organization.

Scenario 2

Leading a comfortable life has become our reality and it is the only pursuit in most of our lives. What we tend to ignore is that life is not a bed of roses and it meant to be bittersweet. So no matter how skilled you are or expertise you possess in a certain domain, life is an ultimate test for which you can never truly be prepared for.

Therefore, I’m sure from above scenarios you must have some clarity as to what reignites and further solidifies creativity.

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