In this day and age, growing your own cannabis and being self-sufficient is key if you wish to grow a strain that suits your needs in a time and cost efficient manner. If you use cannabis for medicinal purposes for example, you may have to rely on a costly dispensary to supply you with your chosen strain of cannabis. We would recommend you use Anubis seeds if you are looking to grow a strain that produces a good yield with a THC concentration of between 15 and 18%.

If you have never grown cannabis before, here are a few tips we would recommend that you heed before embarking on growing your own.

Learn the Basics

Central to the success of the growing process is to learn the basics. Yeah, it may seem like a drag to read books and guides, which often vary widely in advice, but the more knowledge you can learn, the better your crop will be. There are plenty of guides and videos on websites such as YouTube. When I was just starting out in the cannabis industry, I learnt a lot of the basics quite quickly by learning from video guides on YouTube. If you browse these YouTube videos on a regular basis, you will be able to pick up tips that may not be widely known and use this advice to your own growing.

Whenever I had any specific questions that I needed help in answering, I went on one of the cannabis online forums, where many experienced cannabis growers were able to offer their advice to my question. Often, these people will be able to offer other advice – if you ask them nicely of course!

Persistence and Patience

You will quickly realise when browsing the various literature that the process of growing cannabis takes time and persistence. Your first crop will not be the best it possibly can be, but the important thing to do is to learn from your mistakes to ensure your next crop will be better than the one before it. It took me around 5 or 6 cycles to finally nail it, so don’t expect miracles right away!

Why Select Anubis Seeds? is a site dedicated to offering high quality seeds at a price that is fair and affordable. When you are just starting out, we would highly recommend that you use Autoflower cannabis seeds, and this is what Anubis Seeds provide. 

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