Agree. Who wouldn’t find below photo, 2 kids sashaying under the rain using Banana leaf as umbrella, hilariously funny isn’t it? The same image on 9Gag that immediately caught my attention.

Photo credit to its owner. No intention of copyright infringement.

Photo credit to its owner. No intention of copyright infringement.

Geography calls this haven South East Asia; while, political scientist includes it under the enumeration of Third World Country. “Developing County”, rather, to make it more apolitically sound and correct. Many might have been tinkering how does it feels like growing-up in such state: Is it true that mosquitoes are everywhere and Malaria is a no big deal disease? Or, crickets are not insects but crispy snacks, especially during Friday drinking sessions, then is it still a T.G.I.F. moment? Well, President Barack Obama, himself once lived and experienced Jakarta in live action during his childhood years, even learnt how to speak the local language.

Hot Red Ferrari or Yellow Lamborghini must be usual to be seen everywhere in New York or Paris where drivers are on crazy speed limits to bring themselves into places in a click of finger tips. These kind of cars are rare show in this region or could be the other way around, SUV owners are not using them on a daily transport to their belief it may caused their safety from theft or robbery, “carnapping”. Commoners are in the comfort of a different public transportations from common busses to so-called “jeepneys.” Jeepneys are small, box-type-ish, non-aircondition kind of transportation.

Traveling on jeepney would almost always carry a story a tell: There was a time hailed one, to my delight it did not stop upfront to where I was, as I climbed and noticed the driver was an old man approximately on his 60s. Understood that his eyes wasn’t clear as it used to be, wearing oversized shirt, sleeves folded into several numbers, so it would fit well into his skinny size. That moment my tears were about to give in, then realized, is there really a need to pity? Pitying is feeling sorry for someone, it doesn’t solve anything, instead it worsen the scenario for making them feel more insecure. Why show some sign of weakness when you could be the strength of those in need of courage.

If in United States, Jaywalking is highly prohibited and restricted, in case someone is to loiter in the middle of the highway with fast cars, sure someone will yank, “you insane, watcha doin?” In this region, “making ends meet” is the daily motto of living. Could see several number of men carrying a rectangular wood-box type, inside are loose cigarettes, candies, or what not. These men would go near car windows while the traffic lights on Red, hoping someone would stop them to buy whatever they have. They do it 8 hours in a day or more, either it be raining, flooding, the sun is of about 36 degree Celcius gambling their lives not to be hit by a drunk driving truck drivers carrying heavy loads of gasolines or goodies, for a profit that could be less than a dollar or two in a day to feed their families. You think can yell at them crazy while doing their job?

It is quite funny on how citizen would clamor and demand to bring Death Penalty back in the government system because, the number of crimes, specifically rape cases are raising. India was one in the most recent history with the same crime/rape issue, women picketed in the street to urge government tighten and increase security to eradicate said crime. However; these Countries are not similarly situated to make one applicable to the other. Indeed, penal system is to punish the violators; however, it may not be the effective measure for a third world country where per capita is not even enough to sustain a three-times a day meal, meaning a number of citizens are willing enough to kill in exchange of money. Hence, why bring Death Penalty to a Country where democracy is not yet absolutely mature.

There is really no conclusion and end to this issue. Rather, my prayer that each of us could dare to care as human, being in an era of smartphones and instants are not a defense to stop acting like one and be like a robot, emotionless.

Humans are wired to feel and perceive.