When it comes to advertising, people sometimes focus only on expensive things that may not be efficient or professionally done. You can invest in some short ads on TV and other media, but it is better to invest in promotional clothing. Focus your money and energy on some quality t-shirts that can even go around the world and make your name attractive and professional-looking.

Go for Quality

Using some cheap materials for shirts is a bad idea, since it could make your company look cheap and unprofessional. Also, you do not want to overdo it and use materials that are not wearable, flexible and that you can only dry clean. Instead, focus on some quality materials that are durable and that can fit many occasions. The best materials you can choose for your promotional t-shirts are natural materials such as cotton and linen, and even a combination of the two.

Simplicity is Sophistication

Whatever the purpose of your promotional shirts is, you have to bear in mind that it should be simple and straightforward. Its main, and sometimes even only purpose is to promote your name and brand in the best possible way. Also, it should give away style and quality, because you want your name to be associated with such attributes. The best way to show your sophistication and professionalism is to adequately customize the shirts for your co-workers and staff. For each person have elegant personalised polo shirts, and let them shine and represent your name with pride. When it comes to designing the shirt and logo, you should stay as simple as possible. Print the logo in the front and stick to only one colour per shirt, since some of the designs could be misleading or even make your dizzy.

Choose Your Colours

When choosing the colours for your t-shirts, whether it is for an event or simply for promotion, you have to be realistic. Do not combine colours that obviously do not look good together, and most certainly do not add letters in a colour that is completely unreadable or makes your eyes tired when looking at them (such as red letters on a blue base). One of the ways to abide these rules is to simply stick to the colours of your company’s logo. Those colours are the essence of your brand and using them frequently will make people think of you when they see those colours. This simple solution will avoid ambiguity and chaos of colours.

Add Motivation and Inspiration

Sometimes, printing your logo on a shirt is not enough. If you are familiar with some major companies, such as Nike for example, you know that they have a strong motto “Just Do It”, which you instantly associate with their brand. In order for your t-shirt, and in that respect your company, to leave a positive and strong impression, you should have an adequate motto that can inspire people to buy your brand. Once you have figured out what it is, you should incorporate it in your promotional clothing. Be sure that your motto or even a quote is easy to read and understand. Also, it should be printed well, and the colours of both the letter and shirt should go together nicely. If your logo and motto is worn on a quality shirt, and it looks interesting and attractive, than be sure that your brand and business will be known everywhere, and people will consider you to be professionals.

Making a promotional t-shirt might look like one easy job. However, there are a lot of things to consider, because you do not want to look like charlatan or an amateur. Keep in mind these tips before printing your shirts, and your company will have a great public image.