Christ Embassy is a Bible-based Christian ministry with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria and operations in more than fifty nations worldwide. The church aims to spread God’s divine presence all over the universe and display the character of the Holy Spirit. In the last close to thirty years, Christ Embassy has greatly impacted the world through its ever-widening scope as well as extensive programming worldwide. It has various divisions such as the healing ministry, the teaching ministry, television ministry, and the publishing ministry.

About Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy

Chris Oyakhilome from Nigeria is a pastor as well as a healing minister, teacher, television host and bestselling author who has been with Christ Embassy for more than twenty-five years that it has been in existence. Some of the books he has written include the Rhapsody of Realities, a leading daily devotional worldwide with millions of copies distributed in more than two hundred nations in over eight hundred languages. He has made a great impact in the world through preaching, teaching, publishing books, and hosting television programs.

The Worship and Communion Miracle Service in Zimbabwe

On 7th May 2017, Zimbabwe witnessed the greatest Evangelical event in the history of the country. This event was none other than the Worship and Communion Miracle Service, WCMS, hosted by the Christ Embassy Ministry whose president, the anointed man of God, Chris Oyakhilome, was the guest. The event was held at the National Sports Stadium Harare, and it was a great success.

Success of the WCMS Event

More than one hundred thousand faithfuls officially registered to attend the WCMS in Harare, but more unregistered followers turned up to participate in the service and receive their portion of blessings. The event was totally free of charge, and the night before the miraculous event, people began streaming into the venue so as to secure places. The National Sports Stadium Harare is a 60,000-seater venue meaning some people would miss seats, but that did not deter them from booking strategic places to listen to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. This was the first time to for Pastor Chris to visit Zimbabwe and before the event, he announced that Zimbabwe was special and the presence of God would be felt all over. In addition, he had promised to reveal some special news about the country during the service, and many people were eager to hear what the man of God had for them.

The night before the WCMS event, preparations were almost complete with seven overflows being ready. The week of the event was characterized by prayer rallies in the church of Zimbabwe for the long awaited event. Pastor Ruth Musarurwa, the local Pastor, requested those attending not to tamper with the venue as it had been witnessed in other places where the WCMS had been hosted. Evangelist Eddy Owase, Christ Embassy’s founding president, and Reverend Tom Amenkhienan who is Pastor Oyakhilome’s right-hand man jetted into Zimbabwe a fortnight to the event so as to oversee the progress. The WCMS event in Zimbabwe was the second one hosted by Christ Embassy Ministries after the one that was held in the UK.

On arrival, Tom emphasized that it was time for Zimbabwe to receive God’s blessings through Pastor Chris. He said that the pastor will pray for the nation and with the power of the Holy Spirit and blessings from God for Zimbabwe, everybody should be prepared to receive from the Almighty. After the service, Tom said that testimonies would follow years later after the event.