If you just can’t leave home without Google Glass, then don’t head to the movies.

You’ll have to watch that blockbuster with your own bare eyes because new guidelines from cinemas and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) now prohibit the use of wearable devices, including Google Glass to prevent pirating of the films.

It is yet to be seen how well theatres will successfully block users from sneaking them into the cinema, though.

I’ve found it’s pretty easy to sneak in just about anything into my local theater. (Pizza, anyone?)

This isn’t the first time Google Glass has faced privacy issues.

Glass is also banned from some bars and restaurants in an effort to protect customer privacy.

Plus, a recent poll conducted by research firm, Toluna found 72% of Americans aren’t even interested in the high tech wearable device, citing privacy concerns as their biggest reason, according to Mashable.

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