After the antitrust lawsuit, Google is also in trouble for their privacy policies.

The internet giant was being scrutinized by various EU based regulators after merging 60 privacy policies, combining the use of data from all of their services including Youtube, Gmail and their social network, Google+. What it means to users is that they are unable to protect their data should Google choose not to provide their information across other platforms.

This was alerted by the Rome based regulatory which required Google to ensure obtaining the consent of the users prior to their profiling purposes. They would also need to declare that it is being done for commercial purposes. Also, they will have to delete all personal data in two months upon user requests. If they not comply Google will be slapped with a 1 million euro ($1.35 million USD) fine, along with possible criminal proceedings following behind.

This came after fines from France and Spain, where Google was found breaking data protection laws for their concern of personal data that was available for access from other countries. This meant that the use of their citizens’ data will be out of their jurisdiction. There is also a pending judgement from Netherlands where the internet giant may be liable for fines as well.

The Google spokesman stated that they have always been cooperative with the regulatory requirements and they will maintain the same with the review of the regulator’s decision before taking action. In the case for the Italian regulator, they will be presenting an action plan to them by September to show how are they going to ensure compliance.

They are also moving ahead to comply with a rule that the citizen can remove objectionable links from the search results, but this may be a double edged sword as Google may abuse this authority to cover negative information.

In today’s fast changing society, the laws are changing as well. Google will have to make sure that they are keep up, lest they want to face the fines from the regulatory again.