The film An Inconvenient Truth 2006 awakened and informed me about the details of global warming. These days, when teaching my Arts Politics class – I use this clip from the film because it explains the issues in a quick and efficient way – and it’s funny.  My students like a dose of humor with their apocalyptic predictions.

However, the matter is far more complex as Al Gore explains.  Well, maybe not that complicated but, but it seems that agreeing to the proposed facts and what action to take is the complicated part.  Why?  From my vantage point – it’s the cost of changing what we do.  It is cheaper to continue this way – even if we are destroying our planet.

Of course there is a debate about whether or not there is even such a thing as global warming. Millennials – you should join the conversation and settle the mater.

Since watching the film I have simply been connecting-the-dots to form my own picture and feel strongly that you should too. Compare the arguments on each side and make-up your own mind. It is after all your world.

I have some sources that I used because of their social and political agenda for our planet and mostly because they are good “observers” of one kind or another- National Geographic, Scientific American and the United Nations.

Those who study nature and animals are seeing the effects first hand and are reporting it in their own communities. Climate change is also affecting the weather world-wide. There are reports from the Nature Conservancy and NASA that seem to agree that “something” is going on.

Twitter is a good place to watch the trends as well. I saw this AMAZING and scary image there.

Wedding Photo

“Wild Weather Wedding”


For now, I will continue to make note of all the “unusual” weather and “rare” occurrences and hope that the younger generation takes matters into their own hands – for everyone’s sake.