With the vast array of inventions, technological discoveries and the presence of blinking gadgets blinding our children, I dared myself to think outside the box. I decided to create something actually rewarding for my children and invited our community to join in. The act of giving back has gained major popularity over the years calling the attention of celebrities, athletes and major corporations across the globe. As impressive as that all can be, the general public is equally interested in the generous act too, hence the creation of the “Devin & Tristan Give Back” project.

The idea is not genius, hell it’s quite simple, we created a resource where people can follow and gain knowledge about  different causes, facts, possibly donate an item or participate at an event. The simplicity is what draws followers and basically the success of our movement. People want to give back. Although our economic status is at an all time low, the mental concept of helping someone is worth passing up a three dollar coffee. Well, at least this is what I’ve heard. Month after month DTGB has shed light on popular spotlights such as lupus, autism, childhood obesity and many more hoping to educate those unfamiliar with the topics. Gaining followers interested in learning the reality of living with a pediatric cancer patient or the truth behind the mystical disease lupus has proven that people are ready to listen. Basing the concept of”giving” loosely on physical donations was initially the plan (i.e. Toy drives, clothing drives, food drives) but instead our fans have spoken and they want to do more. So we decided to roll out a monthly interactive site that would allow them to log on and find ways to get involved.   Creating this was a personal mission and upon completion, well worth the work.

I am a cancer survivor who was told at 17 would never conceive a child. Ten years from my original diagnosis I gave birth to my first son Devin. After revisiting the same doctors who claimed clinically impossible, we immediately knew we had to do something special for our miracle son. We planned a simple toy drive in lieu of a wishing well at our baby shower and donated the toys to kids receiving chemotherapy in the same children’s hospital I was treated. Two years later we were blessed with our second son, Tristan. Now a mother of two healthy boys I felt the need to educate them that life is much bigger than just toys. With the help of four amazing women, we have dedicated time to help families in need, publicizing organizations and sharing our story. Hope was never lost the day I was diagnosed, rather it was embedded in my soul and now it’s my turn to plant new seeds.

Devin & Tristan are babies’ today, mere toddlers learning the fundamentals of life but together they will grow up hand in hand recognized as the brothers who gave back since birth. Their life is my testimony and as we deliver food at homeless shelters or speak to battered women, they are aware that there is always a way to help. We are not a rich family but waiting to win the lottery in order to help someone doesnt seem realistic. Our community of followers now find a way to give back on their own terms that doesn’t break the bank or take much effort. Simple good deeds have spread from our home base in New Jersey all the way to Europe, Asia, even as far as Australia! I could not be prouder than to know people are hungry to help and indeed we are making a difference one act at a time.   From my DTGB family to yours, we thank you for helping replace the void by actively getting involved whereever you are!

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