Gingival recession or gum recession can be described as a medical condition wherein tissue surrounding your tooth begin to shrink resulting in exposing the roots of your teeth.

Gingival recession is a very crucial symptom of gum disease and hence should be taken quite seriously if you want to improve your oral health. Gum tissues are supposed to provide strength to your teeth when it comes to holding them intact in their original position. If gum tissues are unable to grip your teeth properly, this can have damaging repercussions for your oral health.

Gingival recession causes a lot of pain and irritation, but can be treated effectively if you take care of your oral hygiene. Poor dental hygiene can have treacherous consequences in terms of encouraging the growth of your dental infection. You can use a PeriActive, a very powerful mouthwash that can deal with bacterial infections.

The cases of gingival recession are quite high among adults. People aged above 40 years remain at higher risk of getting a gingival recession, therefore they should always try to make required changes in their oral hygiene routine. Though it’s true that gum recession is highly popular among adults, but that does not mean teenagers do not face this issue.

The Predominant Causes Of Gingival Recession Are Mentioned Below

Genetic Causes

To a great extent gingival recession can be attributed to genetics. If either your mother or your father had this problem there are strong chances of you also facing the same issue as it gets transferred to you from them.

Applying Enormous Force While Brushing

Brushing too vigorously can also lead to gum recession, so you must apply the right techniques while cleaning your teeth. It’s completely understandable that you want to increase your oral hygiene, but that does not mean you need to brush too hard, as that can damage your gum tissues and eventually the teeth. When you brush too hard, rather than taking care of your teeth you end up injuring them.

Failure To Use A Brush With Soft Bristles

Your toothbrush should incorporate soft bristles, otherwise, they end up injuring your teeth. In addition to that, you cannot also afford to use an old brush and dysfunctional toothbrush. Change your brush immediately if you have been using it for more than four to five months. Right after three months, you should think about changing your brush.

Inadequate Oral Hygiene

If your oral hygiene is not up to the mark, you may start facing oral problems due to the bacteria present in your mouth. The presence of bacteria in your mouth leads to the formation of plaque and tartar, which starts infecting your gum tissues.

Teeth Grinding

If you think that you have the habit of grinding your teeth, you need to find an appropriate solution for it as it has highly vulnerable consequences for the health of your teeth. Teeth grinding can also cause gum recession, so it’s better to use a mouth guard while sleeping.

Damaged Teeth

If in case your teeth have injured due to some reason there are chances that your gums start receding because of that. Therefore, whether your teeth are damaged because of hard brushing or gingival infection, you must work towards improving their well-being.

Once you identify this oral problem you should quickly work towards fixing it, otherwise it can cause more serious dental problems. If you identify the problem of receding gums quite early, you can deal with it without the support of formal treatment. If you really want to heal the problem you cannot afford to take your dentist’s advice lightly. The advice was given by your dentist in this case generally, revolves around the techniques used for enhancing the oral hygiene. He or she suggests you how to take care of your teeth in the best way possible, and if you avoid that what can be its potential consequences.

Once the causes of the problem are revealed by your dentist, you have to take care of preventions. Your dentist may highlight the benefits of adequate brushing and flossing in your case, and therefore you must work towards availing those advantages.